A letter to people from my past

Everyone knows how much I have been through but I am finally learning to completely forgive people who did wrong to me. Except those who don’t respect women and I have still not found a reason to forgive harassers. It’s a crime and it will be.

I walked away from all of you. Some of you are still the same, some of you learnt the lesson and changed, some of you have finally started to self reflect, some of you regret how you hurt me, some of you regret all your past actions and how you kept hurting people, some of you want to restart your life from zero, some of you learnt to work on yourself when you saw me choosing myself over anything.

Those who have learnt at least one thing, I don’t resent you anymore. Life is all about lessons, we are all here to cause awakening for each other. Whatever you did, it pushed me to my awakening. Whatever happened to you, taught you a lesson to better yourself. It’s just life happening around.

Spirituality is also about duality. Where nothing is wrong, nothing is right. Life is like a play, of which we are all a part.

Some of you were karmic and some of you some of you were nothing to do with the labels, but you could not fight your own darkness to do right by me… I still believe I do not have any past life karma, like in a bad way. Every lightworker has only one karma that is to fight oppression. So that we can learn to stand in our truth using our high Spiritual knowledge and warrior strength. Then only we can teach others how to do it.

Because of all of you, I am finally able to guide so many people to a more peaceful loving way of life. I am grateful for the experiences that you put me through. It was not a pleasant journey but if the end is good, I accept it.

When I see some of you changing, at least trying to change yourself into something better. I appreciate it. Do not regret anymore for what you used to be and start fresh from zero. It’s never too late to start a new life.

You surprise me. I always say people don’t change, but I always knew that they can. They just choose not to. Some of you surprise me by choosing to change.

Never limit humans, they can always do unexpected things.

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