A message to all Divine Feminines | Twin Flames

This is my message to twin flames, especially Lightworkers and Starseeds.

Internet is full of content where everyone suggests to not contact your twin flame during separation. Why do we expect divine Masculines to figure out all about this journey on their own? We feminines are supposed to guide the way for them. We were designed in a way to lead this journey and they were made to follow the light we show.

If you are Lightworkers/starseeds twin flames, no matter what happens, you have a mission together. The universe is going to bring you back together every time you pull apart, you have to fulfil your destiny. You are meant to have a happy life together.

Every twin flame journey is unique and you really don’t have to follow all the rules. Follow your heart. If you feel disrespected or that it’s getting too intense because your Masculine is not awake yet, then it’s okay to maintain boundaries. But when everything has cooled down, you are not in chaser energy and he is ready to understand everything, he is asking questions and trying to figure out life, trying to find the missing pieces, trying to learn all his karmic lessons, working on his self-love, day by day. That’s when your role comes in, you have to show him the way. If you find him acting immaturely because he has not done healing, you have to help him do the shadow work. If it is your True twin flame, he will listen and he will learn. You can’t really sit and watch him go through all this alone.

The reason that we push them to learn everything on their own, is we are trying to test their love, this is the subconscious vibration behind it. And true love does not test. This is where everything goes wrong.

Always follow your heart. Don’t listen to everything that goes on in the collective, some things may not work for you. Make your own unique path.

Why do you want to wait for your Twin Flame to show unconditional love, why don’t you step into it first. Stop holding yourself back. This is a lesson that I learnt the hard way.

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