Why do people copy | Spiritual Reason

1. Yes, I am addressing this topic because people copy me, my content everything.
2. It’s not just copying, it’s a Narcissistic behaviour called identity theft. But not this time, I am not losing my individuality for anyone anymore.
3. Those who copy others it creates Karma, in case if you are unaware.

So now we have a new breed of haters, who don’t try to copy one thing but try to seem multi-talented. I have multiple passions because I did learn each of it with hard work either in this life or a past life. I am not trying to be anyone else but just me.

People who copy, not just me, say anyone, first, they are creating karma trying to steal someone else’s destiny. Secondly, they are so dwelled in copying others that they never try to explore their own individuality. You can not steal anyone’s destiny, ever. God is watching. But you can end up losing the sight of your own destiny. And how much can you copy someone? One day you are going to be left with nothing more to copy. No matter how hard you try, you can’t be anyone else. I can’t even be a little less than my authentic self. I hope you get it.

Why do people copy?
They see someone standing tall in his/her light. They feel intimidated by the light, they want it to go away. But when they can’t make it go away, they feel tempted to become like someone else. I am a lightworker, my light is not because I am doing this or that, it just is.

People who copy spiritual teachers, you appear seemingly wise but you are not really wise. Every spiritual teacher shares knowledge that they have personally experienced and learnt. A real healer’s words have their chi (Qi), they channel their energy into creativity. Spiritual knowledge when copied, it looses that originality and authentic energy everytime it’s copied. Also, a person who shares half-knowledge for their own ego, it can be damaging to so many people lives, you can be earning bad karma. The choice is yours!!

Spirit/God is not stupid, they know your hidden intentions.

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