I work for God, so God pays me.

Lightworkers are always provided for, by the most high, so that they can put all the focus on their life purpose.

I wanted to write about this for the last 3 days but I was trying to absorb the change first, because it was a fast change for me as well. As you all know, I have increased the prices of my Tarot reading services because my spirit guides told me to. It’s not like I didn’t know that some good changes are about to come, because of course I myself did the ancestral healing, I broke the patterns, I closed the cycles, I knew but I didn’t know it will come in this form. Spirit guides like to keep the mystery when it comes to blessings.

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Chickpea Salad / Chana Chaat Recipe

🥗Soak a small bowl of chickpeas in water overnight and then boil them, until they are soft.
🔪Chop onion, tomato, cucumber (1 each) and coriander. Anything else that you like, I added green peas.
🥣Add the chickpeas and vegetables to a bowl.
🧂Add salt to taste, chaat masala.
🍋Add lots of lemon juice.
🍄Add some Namkeen to make it crispy, I added cornflakes mixture because it had cashews and raisins. This step is optional. 🌶️Add chilly powder if you like spicy, chat masala nad Namkeen already has chilly.
🥗Mix everything well.

And your salad is ready🥗😋. Trust me guys it was so tasty, I ate it so fast. This Chana Chaat is even better than Aloo Tikki Chaat, plus it’s healthy.

Diet hack : Chaat masala / herbs and spices makes it savoury without adding extra calories to your food.

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Overnight Oats

Overnight oats with chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, crushed almonds, banana, cinnamon powder and honey.

It’s good replace sugar with honey or other natural substituents like Stevia.

Try to make your meals colorful, because more colours signify more types of nutrients in your food. Add green with leafy vegetables, red with fruits. Add all the colors you have available using vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts.

I have tried oats from different brands but only @quaker oats are good for overnight oats. It doesn’t turn soggy and tastes good.

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Pasta Salad 🥗🤤😋

Recipe :

🍲Add salt while boiling macaroni. Drain the water after boiling.
🥝Chop cabbage and carrot, equal parts as pasta.
🍜Mix it all together with 1 table spoon mayonnaise and 3 teaspoons of sweetened milk.
🥗Add salt to taste and one bowl of pasta salad is ready.

You can add different Vegetables to your taste. This one is basically coleslaw pasta salad.👩🏻‍🍳

P.S. I love Italian salad dressings.😋 Still remember the time when I used to go to Pizza World in Jaipur with my friends and sister in college.

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Karmic’s pre-meditated plan to keep the lovers apart

Karmic was after him from the beginning only because she knew we are Twinflames and I like him. In this post, I have laid out everything month-wise. If you haven’t gone through part 1 of this post, you want to read it first. Click here Judgements

We all met in January 2020 and I walked away from him in March. She started trying to lure him, majorly since April, by acting like me. She used to post too many WhatsApp statuses to copy me and I used to find it irritating. I had already distanced myself from the copycat because it was quite obvious now. She had also started doing spellwork in advance, on both of us. Then came his birthday, I made a plan with all our mutual friends to wish him. When I called the karmic to tell her the plan to wish him, she wasn’t happy. It was her behaviour, how she spoke and also my psychic abilities. She wanted to be the only one to wish him and also because she has told him lies that I will not give him a second chance. I was just waiting for him to unblock me and reach out, but he was being stubborn to apologise just like he is doing at present. She wished him separately, not in our group call. It’s good to talk to a guy the whole night if you want to date him, right? By which all the old mutual friends can now understand, how pre-meditated she was. They didn’t even start dating yet. Anyways, he didn’t entertain her that day.

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Why does the society hate beautiful people?

People demonify beauty. Why?

Beauty is present everywhere, stars, nature, flowers, plants, leaves, colours, art, architecture, decor, outfits and faces. Beauty is a very human experience that’s been with us for millions of years. Watching beautiful things gives us a delightful feeling and that makes us happy.

Beauty is healing.

But for some reason, people expect beautiful people to hide their beauty. Only out of their own insecurities and self-limiting beliefs.

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Love Story

Anyone who has not guessed it yet by reading my posts, my Twinflame is married to the dark Karmic. And the marriage is a fraud, both of them betrayed me, they played each other, both of their friends and family betrayed him, they are both deceiving their community by pretending to be a happily married couple. It’s a lie. The Karmic because the divine masculine has the potential to earn money. The Karmic and her family chose him because he is an empath to cover up for her mental illness, her parents didn’t care if the guy they chose for her was already in love with someone else as far as he can be the source of money. My Twinflame’s family chose the Karmic over me because she is as abusive as them, all they cared about is having control over him and the money that would come with her. The marriage was nothing more than a business deal between two families. The business deal was an arranged marriage but the wounded children love playing house on social media by pretending as if it was a love marriage. And I have been watching this TV show for a long time. All of them have so much craze for social media and public image, that they can even get married for it. They need to have someone for financial stability, safety and security and they can have someone else on the side for love.

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My Healing Journey

After I filed papers in the first company, I was doing better everyday, but I had the stress about finding a job again. When I took a month’s break, I was doing better. When I joined the next job, I was excited to finally start the working again. But that year I lost a lot of friendships, it was some 25-30 friends that I cut off. And if you include normal friends, work colleagues and old work colleagues, the count had was 60.

First month in that job was fine. I had also learnt to manage energetic boundaries with toxic people. Whatever happened in 2018, gave me clarity that I’m an empath and I need to learn how to set boundaries. But soon they started bullying me. And then I started feeling the depression again. It was a different issue but everything reminded me of the past, that I was trying to get away from. Everyday I used to ask myself why are these people jealous of me? I have nothing left, my love is gone, then the humiliation that I faced with harassment. Everyday coming back from office, all I could think about was the last year. I had so much anxiety that I was hiding. All the time I would keep shrinking inside and no one would even get a clue. I had slowly started hating the city. Big cities and selfish people. Generally, people block their heart chakra after heartbreak in romantic relationships, but mine got blocked because of the harassment.

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