A letter to people from my past who shamed me that it’s my karma – 2

So I have been posting about how starseeds make soul contracts to be abused or struggle for first half of their life. Because to overcome it, they have to heal themselves and do shadow work. This way they become healers and explore their innate gifts and later they can teach about healing techniques and shadow work to others, second half of their life.

I have also been posting about how universe uses karma to temper stubborn people who resist change and awakening, to make surrender to healing and inner work and ascension.

But honestly I do not think it was my karma at all, even in past. Otherwise those people won’t be getting any of their karma back right.

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A letter to people from my past

Everyone knows how much I have been through but I am finally learning to completely forgive people who did wrong to me. Except those who don’t respect women and I have still not found a reason to forgive harassers. It’s a crime and it will be.

I walked away from all of you. Some of you are still the same, some of you learnt the lesson and changed, some of you have finally started to self reflect, some of you regret how you hurt me, some of you regret all your past actions and how you kept hurting people, some of you want to restart your life from zero, some of you learnt to work on yourself when you saw me choosing myself over anything.

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Real friendships

I learnt something new about friendship Today. Read the pictures and then read the below.

And if you are thinking I create content from everything that happens in my life. You are damn right.

I go through shit and share that with the world, so that everyone who reads won’t have to go through the same shit that I went through, because now they have wisdom that comes from learning my life lessons.

Once a friend tried to say that I create content on everything. I think they were jealous actually, of my creativity. I was with a shitty person, who supported me when I got an accidental injury. So all I did was trying to create a YouTube video, on how support helps someone mentally when they are not well. Now I was in pain because of the injury, overall that person also abused me overtime. But this friend should not have a problem with me creating real content. Because whatever shit I am going through, I am still making something that will motivate people and send out a healing message.

I felt guilty and never posted the video. I felt guilty that I should not write about people in my life, but now I don’t think so. I maintain their privacy, but whatever is my part of the story, it’s mine & I own it. And no one can snatch it away from me. Some people used to think that I write about them, now with time they know it’s all about me, my story, my lessons and healing others. Now I am not scared of being me.

So really people should not have a problem with how you create your content if it’s spreading out the right message. The people who stick with me through everything, they never mind if I am sharing something that I learnt from them. They are happy to contribute & be a part of something that heals others also.

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Learn to give yourself Permission

Do you feel that people will not allow you to be your best version? It’s just a self limiting belief, a mental block and a subtle example of victim consciousness.

I have been through this too, I was scared if people will be able to accept me being my best version or not. Now I realise I was actually scared of myself, because I had never been the great person that I had the potential to become.

If you think people will not let you live your best life, probably you have too many toxic people in your life & you might need to start removing them from your life. Because they might want you to be stuck with them in misery when they see you growing. Learn to give yourself priority and set boundaries straight with them.

For the bigger picture, the whole world, everywhere on this planet earth, everything operates on two things – control & fear. If you are going to wait for people to give you permission to become free, fearless and authentic. That’s never going to happen for real, so it’s only you who can give yourself permission to be your best, no one else can. Learn to give yourself permission. Don’t wait for people to validate you, just do it.

People who love you truly, will appreciate the change. Most likely everyone is going to love you more than you expected. Toxic people will start seeing what God has ordained on your life & leave you alone. You will also get a chance to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore, by looking at people who don’t like the change in you.

When you become your authentic self, every aspect of your life, all your relationships will transform for good.

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Love yourself the way you would love when you find THE ONE

Love yourself first.

Goutam budhdha says you are never going to find anyone who is much deserving of your love more than yourself.Oprah says your cup needs to be full so that you can go and fill other people’s cup.

Love all parts of yourself. The good the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the right, the wrong, the fool, the wise, the weak, the strong and everything. All the mistakes, resentments, pain, everything belongs to you, it’s all you. Learn to see yourself as the whole and accept it.

Healing starts from self acceptance.
Self-reflection works two ways. If it was something wrong that happened to you, love yourself more to overcome the pain. And if it was something that you did wrong, forgive yourself and liberate yourself from the pain.

Before you want someone else to love you completely, why don’t you love yourself?

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