Starseed Twin Flames & Double Mission

When starseeds choose to come as twin flames, they have double life-mission. They don’t only have the power of immense light but also the power of immense love. They embody the yin and yang energies to anchor love in this 3D world. This is the double mission.

Starseeds are fated to be together with their twin flame and fulfil their soul mission on earth. They can’t be separated, because fate is always working to bring them together. So that they can follow their soul mission and heal others. Just like a lightworker can’t be kept away from their fate, twin flames can’t be kept away from each other.

Starseeds are ancient souls. Twin flames are not together for only for 7 births, but infinite births. It’s eternal love. It should not be much difficult for people to understand & accept why they come first for each other. They complete each other. They are Lightworkers, but their light codes are placed in each other. They have key to each other’s life, mission and hearts. There’s no one else that their soul remembers with such depth.

Fated twin flames can’t be separated. The power of love always wins. This is a message to all twin flames, have faith. Believe in the divine power that is always working behind the scenes to bring you together.

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5 thoughts on “Starseed Twin Flames & Double Mission

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have missed you since we split 44 years ago on cornarwyn reborn on same planet but aliens of it all , I had to be raised in such away to bring forth ur true strength and light thru darkness it’s all been a test my love , wake up , wakeup. IAM waiting , take my hand I have waited to be rejoined for so long I yerned you and your love , I missed your sweet lips and calmed embraced hugs , your passion keeps me up at night biting my lip, looking in your eyes of this human body just makes me realize why I came here to save them , beautiful in there right.. I can’t wait to intertwine are souls together like roots of the tallest trees , the safety the warm of you keeps me planted by your side for 1000s of years , I will always find you and never stop looking ,,you have always been worth it , and you complete me I LOVE YOU ,,,. AND ALWAYS REMEMBER IT EAS ALWAYS YOU AND YOUR MY ONCE IN AWHILE !!!!


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