A letter to people from my past who shamed me that it’s my karma – 2

So I have been posting about how starseeds make soul contracts to be abused or struggle for first half of their life. Because to overcome it, they have to heal themselves and do shadow work. This way they become healers and explore their innate gifts and later they can teach about healing techniques and shadow work to others, second half of their life.

I have also been posting about how universe uses karma to temper stubborn people who resist change and awakening, to make surrender to healing and inner work and ascension.

But honestly I do not think it was my karma at all, even in past. Otherwise those people won’t be getting any of their karma back right.

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A letter to people from my past

Everyone knows how much I have been through but I am finally learning to completely forgive people who did wrong to me. Except those who don’t respect women and I have still not found a reason to forgive harassers. It’s a crime and it will be.

I walked away from all of you. Some of you are still the same, some of you learnt the lesson and changed, some of you have finally started to self reflect, some of you regret how you hurt me, some of you regret all your past actions and how you kept hurting people, some of you want to restart your life from zero, some of you learnt to work on yourself when you saw me choosing myself over anything.

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How to figure out deceitful people who try to make you feel insecure

As you know I dealt with a lot of abuse and jealous people, I learnt to see through them with time. So I am going to share a tip here, people have different nature, but it works most of the time.

A jealous person often tries to make you insecure, so that after you feel insecure, your performance will decrease and finally he can be happy that he was able to get you down.

A lot of time they do it by sugarcoating. Now I have good self-worth, but some people don’t get that part. So they try to motivate you, ( to demoralise indirectly), it’s easy to identify a fake compliment if you know yourself. They will pick something that you do not feel bad about, and try to motivate you about that. And you will be wondering like did I really need motivation in this area or is the other person dumb. Nop, they are not dumb they know what they are doing, they are trying to input a new insecurity into you, which you actually didn’t have earlier.

They will be like don’t give up, 50 times in your face, when you are like yeah fine, get to the next point, please. Some people do these because they are push-overs, but most of the time it’s out of jealousy. After you start involving in the conversation and be like yes I think I do have this self-doubt, they will start trying to control you, now they will give you advice which ultimately has only one meaning, that you make limited moves, that you remain limited.

This is a good way of manipulation, a lot of Narcissists use it. This is how you fall in love with a Narcissist and think that they are a saviour in your life, but after few months or years, you start feeling as if you were always demeaned by this person.

I happen to have many funny incidents like this, where I say it to their face that I know how people try to demoralise by sugarcoating. My intuition just takes over me to ask these shitty people to leave. And you can see it on their faces.

They often make you do something and then later show that they are doing better. Because they did not follow the same suggestion, but you took the bait.

The solution is to cut off contact with them. Show them that you know who they are, you may want to act dumb with a Narc though.

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