The Trance State

By Trance state I mean a state where your intuition is working and not working at the same time. It’s like a psychic has a veil over her third eye.

When the timeline shift happened, I entered the trance state, because I was wounded and it was blocking me from seeing the reality clearly. This is also one more purpose of my Twinflame connection, to strengthen my Psychic abilities.

We were in union for many months. My Twinflame and I both were awakened and integrated our higher self. We still used to work on small triggers every now and then, but it was a lot easier than the triggers that we worked on, before the union.

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Your love will carry me through

This is what I wrote the first moment I figured out you are gone.

I thought of you every day
Every time something good happened, I wanted to share it with you
And every time something bad happened, I wanted to share it with you

You were never away from my heart..
I felt your presence everyday..

It was only your love and your memories, that carried me through this dark time. Your love gave me the strength to keep hoping.

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A letter to people from my past who shamed me that it’s my karma – 2

So I have been posting about how starseeds make soul contracts to be abused or struggle for first half of their life. Because to overcome it, they have to heal themselves and do shadow work. This way they become healers and explore their innate gifts and later they can teach about healing techniques and shadow work to others, second half of their life.

I have also been posting about how universe uses karma to temper stubborn people who resist change and awakening, to make surrender to healing and inner work and ascension.

But honestly I do not think it was my karma at all, even in past. Otherwise those people won’t be getting any of their karma back right.

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A letter to people from my past

Everyone knows how much I have been through but I am finally learning to completely forgive people who did wrong to me. Except those who don’t respect women and I have still not found a reason to forgive harassers. It’s a crime and it will be.

I walked away from all of you. Some of you are still the same, some of you learnt the lesson and changed, some of you have finally started to self reflect, some of you regret how you hurt me, some of you regret all your past actions and how you kept hurting people, some of you want to restart your life from zero, some of you learnt to work on yourself when you saw me choosing myself over anything.

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Love poetry

Lie to me again
Fool me again
But don’t let me go
I have waited long enough to see you again
Don’t let me go
I will have to kill a part of me to let you go
Don’t let me go.

Tell me the truth
Your truth
And I will believe it
I don’t care what anyone else to say
As far as you are by my side
Don’t let me go

Stop me from moving on.
I don’t want you to let me let you go.

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Thank You !!

Yesterday, I have received the most likes and most response on my post than ever. It really means a lot to me and I want to thank you guys. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my posts and appreciated my work.

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