Fear of letting go | Love & Relationships

It’s the fear of letting go for which we try to hold on to the ones we love, so tightly that we don’t realise it doesn’t feel like love anymore.

We often try to change ourselves and control the other person to manipulate situations, because we fear what if everything ends.

But we don’t realise love doesn’t bind, it liberates. It let’s you go.

Love doesn’t ask for anything, it gives, unconditionally.

Love doesn’t try to hold on, it frees you to be whichever way you want to be, even without me.

Love doesn’t need you to change, it loves you as you are.

You don’t need to change for love. The one who deserves you will love you as you are. Even if love wants to support you to grow into being the best version of yourself, love will never judge you for who are, right now.

Love surrenders, love frees, love liberates, love heals, love respects, love just loves.

Codependent people in Karmic Relationships have this fear. The toxic attachment is because of fear of abandonment.

P.S. it’s usually the fear that Karmics have, not divine Feminines. Divine Feminines know their worth and they don’t tolerate shit, even from their own Twinflame, their divine masculine. Divine Feminines know how to face and transmute their fears and also know how to lead their divine masculine away from fear and into the light

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