How does trauma bonding happen in third party situation in Twinflame connections

Third-party situations are common in a Twinflame connection. If the runner runs quite enough, they end up running into a karmic connection. A relationship where the runner will be abused for enough time to start self-reflecting and do their inner work, also to recognise the value of their Twinflame and to go back. Yes, Karmics are a blessing for a Twinflame connection from a higher perspective. Karmic connections refine the incredibly stubborn divine masculines, helping them in ascension and awaken to their mission work.

Trauma bonding can also happen in a Twinflame connection. But if it happens, it happens between all three, not just between the DM and DF. Because it’s an energetic loop between all three.

Karmics try to hold on to the DM so hard, in order to steal the position of the DF, pretending to be angelic while some Karmics are really the devil. Some Karmics try to bind DM with black magick. (Don’t ask me how much SRT and Energy clearing me and my Twinflame both have to do have to do, it’s almost every day in our case).

But there is something even stronger than binding magick, that is guilt and shame. That bind is stronger than anything else. If the DM falls into the trap of guilt trips done by karmic. This is common because stubborn running DM’s only get full-blown narcissists, sometimes psychopaths as Karmics, again important for refinement. Then the DM and the Karmic start the trauma bond, and DF goes into the trauma bond with DM automatically without knowing. Because DM and DF are always mirroring.

Karmic have the power to start the Trauma bond, but DF’s are the ones who have the power to break the Trauma bond. If DF sets the boundary or walks away, the trauma Bond breaks for all three, instantly.

DF’s are not generally impulsive or reacting from their wounding, so it’s not possible to start the Trauma bond from DF’s end. DF’s also heal on the Twinflame journey, but the only wounding that affects them on the Journey is overgiving.

A running Twinflame, a DM can be quite manipulative when unhealed and can have many trust issues when people try to influence DM to go away from DF, for which they can judge they overgiving DF’s who love them selflessly. But while running, DM’s trust Karmics who are even more wounded than themselves. Yes, in a Twinflame connection the karmics are the most wounded ones, that’s how they help Twinflames in ascension by pushing them to recognise their power and walk away from abuse.

It’s like a domino effect all around when DF takes her power back, steps into self-love, sets proper boundaries for her DM. DM mirrors her and he also steps into his power and awakens. And when both flames are in their power, nothing can bring them down. It’s cascading effect on all the karmics involved, romantic or platonic.

So is there any real love or true love underneath the Trauma bond? What happens after the Trauma bond is broken?

Well, the answer is yes and no.. when DF breaks the Trauma bond with the DM. The DM breaks the Trauma bond with their Karmic/s. Or vice versa if DF trauma bonded with someone.

Once the trauma Bond is broken, ends the codependency and begins the unconditional love from both sides in Twinflame connection on the 3D level. Even when there was an unconscious Trauma bond, true love was always there, it was never gone anywhere, only the boundaries were.

But when the trauma bond breaks in a Karmic connection, that’s the end. Because there was never any love anyway, only karma. The karmic lessons learnt by the DM and karmic debts paid. DM frees himself from the matrix and ascends into Higher Consciousness. But the Karmic usually (if Narcissists) cannot ascend as they cannot self reflect. Their purpose on Twinflame journey is served and it’s time for their karmic debt to be ready to be paid too.. Everything that the karmic does to undermine DF’s, to steal their true love away, just because of jealousy, all of that karma has to be paid back now.

So it’s a good practice for Twinflames to keep reminding yourself to not fall into the trap of trauma bonding.

Funny enough.. as soon as the Trauma bond breaks..somehow karmics are found out gossiping how there was never any love in the Twinflame connection. Without Realising Karmic connection was a trauma bond too, at the same time.

They also manage to showcase DM and DF as the Wounded ones, the broken and the damaged, as if the third party karmics don’t come from a broken ancestry, which needs to be healed. If a Karmic was really that mature and healed, they won’t be in a third party situation either. They manifest a wounded person, a runner, a not-love situation, a superficial karmic connection only from their wounding. Even if people see DF as the interference in the Karmic connection, DF is a blessing, who helps both of them to break the Trauma bond and see the Reality as it is.

DM and DF are on the path of healing, they are Lightworkers since childhood and are gifted enough to heal themselves and their ancestral Karma. The third-party situation is just one part of the journey, just one module of many in this lifetime.

Every divine feminine is a leader on the ascension journey, she heals the ancestry for herself, her Twinflame and also for any Karmics attached to the Twinflame connection. Everywhere a divine feminine goes, the power of love goes with her, she is the lighthouse for everyone. Even if DF’s are a lot of times portrayed as the enemy by many unawakened people. She is the blessing, not the curse.. Twinflames incarnate with the purpose to free people from their generational curses.

Although the divine feminine is the leader, divine masculine is the one who pushes her into ascension constantly. The divine masculine’s 5D higher self is aware enough to guide the divine feminine. The mission work is done by the two in pair, it’s a teamwork and that’s the whole purpose of one soul splitting into two.

4 thoughts on “How does trauma bonding happen in third party situation in Twinflame connections

  1. Trisha says:

    Thankyou ,so much for the clarity on trauma bonding, I have just walked away from my Masculine, so this article was definately a blessing.
    Walkin g away from this connection lead to feelings of grief and confusion, but this helps me to understand the journey for what it is.
    I feel more Twins need to be made aware of Trauma bonding.
    Blessings to you all

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DeJuir Haynes says:

    Well said! I’m a DF and I feel like this whole post resonates with Myself, my Divine Masculine and his ex Karmic . I’m definitely seen as the enemy to her because my DM broke things off with her and has been very loyal and dedicated to our connection.

    We have been in Union for a long time. A long time ago I was hurt that he trauma bonded with this Karmic . (They got together she wanted a man and my DM was broken and needed somewhere to live.) But I decided to choose my own happiness. That seemed to make my DM magnetize towards me..The Karmic doesn’t realize that he’s doing so much healing and so many energy shifts are happening for him that he’s no longer a vibrational match for her. Thus the cycle of Codependency is broken.

    This post helped me understand that I’m actually a blessing to us all and to the Karmic and that I’m actually shifting her reality and showing her what real power and love looks like even if she may not see it that way.

    She’s tried and tried to sabotage our connection but nothing has worked. ( My DM and I also happen to live next door to her ) I think this is to help her to understand the need to let go of control.

    Im glad I found this post which helped me see things in a clearer light because I was struggling for a long time with how she was blaming me for my DM not wanting her anymore and I hated the way she was portraying me as the person who came between them and turned him against her. I didn’t like that she was telling people that.. I now see beyond that and there’s a much bigger picture. She doesn’t hate me ; she’s mad that she can’t be like me. Thanks so much for this beautiful post. It resonated very deeply with my journey. The ascension work and healing never stops. Blessed Be..

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