A letter to people from my past who shamed me that it’s my karma – 2

So I have been posting about how starseeds make soul contracts to be abused or struggle for first half of their life. Because to overcome it, they have to heal themselves and do shadow work. This way they become healers and explore their innate gifts and later they can teach about healing techniques and shadow work to others, second half of their life.

I have also been posting about how universe uses karma to temper stubborn people who resist change and awakening, to make surrender to healing and inner work and ascension.

But honestly I do not think it was my karma at all, even in past. Otherwise those people won’t be getting any of their karma back right.

I had trauma in my vibration so I attracted assholes to my environment. There was a time when I even felt that I am in a relatively low vibrational place than I should be. This is why I decided to branch off on my own.

There was only one case, my ex in 2018, where I could not see through someone, I tried to fix and heal the other person when the shadow was mine. But I learnt after trying many times to fix the other person. That is Empath – Narcissist rescuer dynamic.

Anyways noone gave me the right advice at that time too, everyone told me it’s my fault so obviously I tried to fix it. Bunch of fake friends showed me as if they want good for me, when all that they were was jealous. I should have thought, to not take advice form people who don’t have any control over their own life. Always take advice from a person who is doing better than you or is more mature. I didn’t know people who were saying they are more mature than me, were just egotistical and enemies of my light. They were all abusive themselves, scapegoating me. Everyone wanted me to be stuck in that rescuer dynamic, until I decided to break contact with all of them.

Being a starseed, I am an empath, a highly sensitive soul. And people come like moths to flame to feed off of my energy. Back then, I didn’t know the ways to protect my energy but now I do. I learnt a lot, I explored about everything that I wanted to know, one by one.

People were busy bullying me. I was busy looking on the internet, looking for people like me and the solutions. I did it in silence, the knowledge you find me sharing now, it’s not actually all a gift, I earned the wisdom.
I learnt to clear my energy, release any trauma, any wounding, all hurt and pain, negativity from my aura.

Your aura becomes weak because of trauma. And when you have cracks in your aura, you attract energy vampires.

I didn’t do anything to harm anyone, so why should it be my karma? Karma is a return of something right? I never had any bad intentions and I’m being truthful.

I was just an overgiver in all my relationships. Universe does want you to learn a lesson and stop being an overgiver. But was I really being an overgiver at Workplace, no I don’t think so. I was dealing with people who had malicious intentions because those people were triggered and threatened of my truth and light.

Overgiving is kindness given out to the universe itself. Those abusive people need it the most. I agree we should use discernment when we extend our compassion. But overgiving never comes back as negative karma. That’s the truth.

Someone can hurt you to teach you the lesson to stop overgiving. But not the kind of bullying, harrasment and abuse that I faced.

And I was never stubborn or resisting the universe. I surrendered very early to self-reflection, inner work and healing. I wanted to grow as I learn. Sometimes universe tempers the stubborn starseeds through karma. Some people cannot self-reflect on their own, they need it to be mirrored back. But that stubborn ego is also because of absorbed ancestral karma, not their own. So any way round, it’s never a starseed’s fault. It’s just their life purpose.

And knowledge. You can earn it overtime.
I had to teach myself over time. Spirit guides tried to help me but initially, but people told me I’m going crazy thinking I’m a psychic.

I didn’t know the word lightworker, I just knew one thing all of this has a purpose. I just knew it in my heart, that krishna wants me to fight. I didn’t have anything else to believe other than god at that time.

Yes, there was a time when this wayshower didn’t have anyone to show her the way. Only my belief and faith in God led me to where I am now.

I wasn’t given the knowledge that I need to clear past trauma from my energy field. So I suffered for a while without a reason. The trauma that I absorbed for ancetral healing, again not my bad karma.

Ofcourse there was no one to give me this knowledge. I’m the one who’s put in a family line and environment, where no-one knows these things. And I’m going to share knowledge to these people and awaken them.

I didn’t have anyone else to depend on. So I learnt slowly but surely.

Don’t shame pure souls by saying it’s their karma, when all they need is support and therapy, not blame.

And my karma, I have decades to live, we will see where my karma takes me. I mean it.

Just a few months to look at and deciding what my karma is.

Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.

This is not the end of the story. . Atleast not my story, I will write my own story and everyone will watch now.

To everyone who can relate with me. I do not regret any part of my journey, it made me who I am.

Whatever I suffered through, may be it didn’t have a cause, but I will make sure to make a purpose out of it. I will share my story to inspire others going through same struggles like me. I will make sure others do not have to look for solutions as long as I had to.

My faith pulled me through in the past and it will make miracles happen in future too.

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