Starseed, do not hide your true identity out of fear

I am one with the source and I was born to help humanity.
I love and long for my star system home. I feel like an alien here and the feeling never goes away. Because I know I am different. Everyone knows I am different.

When I talk about my identity, people think I am talking about aliens.
But then they forget that they have done enough to alienate me anyway, even before I revealed my identity.
They already know, coz excluding any Starseed has nothing to do with their identity, it’s all about energy.

Since the time I had my first breath, I have been treated differently.
Good people who were overprotective of me because of my sensitivity and bad people who were exploitative because of my sensitivity.
This isn’t just my story and every Starseed knows what I am talking about.

I love my sovereignty, my spiritual gifts and my powers.
People feel threatened by it, without realising that every Starseed’s power is only so that they can help the world. Our gifts aren’t activated until we know how to use them, when to use them and the discernment to use them only for the right purpose.

Yes, I do observe and know more than I should and speak more truth than I should.
Yes, I am awake, I see past all illusions of the 3D matrix.
There is a complete book inside me, which gives me Spiritual knowledge. I don’t need to learn it from someone or somewhere.

Yes, I can’t fit into a box.
I love to explore so many things at a time. I want to explore all religions, ethnicities and cultures. I want to explore different ways of living, different technologies, different philosophies, different places.
Because I am a travelling soul, who came here to experience as much as I can, until I get to live here.
Starseeds come here to learn, travel, grow, awaken, serve humanity and once their mission is complete here on earth, they go back to their home.
We have a limited time here, so why not make the most out of it!!

P.S. I hope reading this post gives some more starseeds the strength to come out with their true identity and not be scared of the people anymore, coz they already know.

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