Jealousy makes you blind.

I see more people blinded by jealousy than blinded by love. Now, this is going to trigger a lot of people, so read further only if you are ready to self-reflect.

I don’t feel jealous but being an empath I do feel the energy of jealousy in anyone else on another level. The more haters I struggle with, the more I learn about jealousy.

People think I always had an easy life, they think I always had it easy in my life.. no one tried to understand that behind this brave face there is a fair share of struggles, I have struggled more than anyone knows. It made me strong, that strength makes me look brave and happy, and I do work on healing myself so that pain doesn’t show on my face. It doesn’t mean I was never sad or broken.

Jealousy once enters someone’s soul, it takes everything away. It burns you on the inside. It sucks all the love in your heart. It makes you go into a mode of self-pity. It makes you think as if everyone else in this world is lucky and only you had a difficult life. You don’t realise that you forgot to ask the other person about what all they struggled through. You don’t realise you can also be brave and get through your obstacles, you can also create a new life for yourself, by yourself.

The self-pity makes you look at people as if since they had everything perfect in their life, you can try to ruin their happiness, you can steal from them. You can steal their identity, image, fame, love, success, confidence.

You don’t even think twice before trying to do bad to someone else, only because you get so enmeshed in that feeling of jealousy. Jealousy is an emotion, which was to be worked on.

When this emotion arises, it just shows you something about your own self. What you are lacking, or what you need to work on, or what you can get inspired from. But all that you do is focus outside and not inside. You try to take control of everything in the external world, but not your own internal chaos.

Jealousy takes you nowhere. It brings karma. When you try to ruin someone’s happy life, which they literally earned with their hard work. If you try to create hindrance in other’s life like this, you reap huge karma for it. You thought doing all of it will make you happy, but you end up with guilt. Destroying someone else’s happiness can’t make you happy. It’s not possible, at all. Happiness increases when you share it, not when you try to destroy it.

Jealousy clouds your judgment

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