First of all, I want everyone to understand that me and my Twinflame both have been facing Narcissistic abuse from people who don’t want us to be together. Generally, spiritual people, psychics and tarot readers like to use the word “Karmic” for Narcissists and Narcissistic people. You do have Karma with Karmics but it doesn’t mean they are not abusive. In our case, the third party Karmic is a full-blown Narcissist with Psychopathic tendencies. We both have been abused in all ways possible, scapegoated, talked about, by these abusers so that we will both give up on each other and this Twinflame connection. They try to create trust issues between us. Your Twinflame never intends to hurt you, unless they are manipulated by others. Every tower moment is brought because of these Karmics, their lies and manipulation. But spirit makes sure to use every tower in the favour of Twinflame connection.

Anyone who thinks, in a third party situation, DF chases DM. They are wrong. Runners run into the third party situations and Karmics chase DM, not the DF. It’s all rumours. Because in my case, I go towards my DM every time to school him, with my Queen of swords mode that every DM is scared of. Do hell with chasing😂😂 It’s because all DF’s know intuitively what their DM thinks and feels for them, we don’t need validation from our DM about it.

If I was in a chasing vibration, the karmic connection won’t have manifested itself. When my DM ran, he ran into someone like him, codependent, where you think you are not whole on your own. “Chasing” is a word that can be used to describe a lot of things. Karmic knows it’s a Twinflame connection so she uses the word very well, when it comes to spreading gossip. Thanks to people who describe Twinflame connection as just a runner-chaser dynamic. Twinflame connections have many more dynamics and every Twinflame couple’s journey is unique. When trauma bonding happens in my Twinflame connection, I become an overgiver, not setting boundaries, giving my power away, that’s all. I still don’t need to chase him to love me. Love is always there, even when we don’t talk, even when are in no contact, even when a timeline shift happens. And if I am not setting boundaries with my TF, soon I learn the lesson to take back my power too. When I stand in my power, it breaks the trauma bond in the Karmic connection as well.

My Twinflame doesn’t remember a few months in between and so do other people on his side, who are Karmic to this TF connection. But the beginning of the Karmic connection is the same in both timelines. Do keep in mind the part where people think my DM would have survived Karmic’s spellwork for so long without the spiritual shielding that I provide, if I wasn’t really in the picture before the timeline shift. God bless such people. My DM has survived the Karmic connection only because of my energetic support. When he trauma bonds with Karmic, she does energy vampirism on him and he does energy vampirism on me. And generally too, he survives only because I do the continuous energy clearing and SRT’s for him. He survived the abuse only because of my emotional and mental support. But people blame me for doing bad to the karmic connection. It’s actually the other way round. The day I put my foot down and walk away from my DM, is the day when Karmic starts getting her karma. Not the days when I allow my DM, his third party karmic and all the other Karmics to do energy vampirism. It’s like a cascading effect. I’m the only energy source with good energy here, no one else.

Distorted feminines will first manipulate the divine masculine by acting like a damsel in distress and then trap them into commitment. And when DF finally enters into the dynamic, Karmics pull out their rule book of tactics. But it stops working after a point, when DM still chooses DF and then Karmic gets her Karma. First, the Karmic takes DM for granted thinking she has control, always making the DM feel like he isn’t good enough and deserves to be treated badly, no matter how hard he tries. Later, karmic starts chasing DM, still trying to win, by showing she too can put effort into a relationship and reciprocate like a divine feminine. But everything is a machination only to win and gain control back. Actually, Karmics chase the DM from the beginning to trap them. Karmics are the ultimate chasers, not divine feminines.

In a third party situation, DF’s entry and walk away, both are always divinely guided. Otherwise, spirit guides always protect DF from the drama by guiding her away from the third party situation. This is why I still have to manage with only telepathic communication from my DM, it’s to keep me away from karmic drama. I have to manage with limited information about him and his life. The twinflame separation makes it a long-distance relationship.

I never chased my DM to love me, only insisted him to do his inner work and helped him with my counselling skills as guided by spirit, after giving him the knowledge that he is a lightworker who needs to step onto his path now. My karmic relationships in past already taught me to focus on self-love. To stop the yearning to find the one and to never chase anyone to love me. I was prepared to not chase my Twinflame, by the time I met him. My DM himself taught me too many lessons in self-love in the very beginning. This is why I waited for him to reach out in the no-contact separation phase because spirit guides told me to wait, as we were dealing with a stubborn DM who was resisting the transformation and healing. When he ran, I could have chased him then and there, if I wanted to.

My Twinflame was going off track and spirit guides asked me for help. Because they wanted to intervene, but the divine intervention could not happen without a medium in 3D. I was the divine intervention myself. A divine feminine is karma herself, for people who do wrong to others thinking that they will never get their Karma back. Spirit guides knew it’s a dark karmic who is going to hinder my Twinflame’s ascension, I didn’t even understand what the word “dark karmic” meant at that time. But when I first found out about the third party situation, I was heartbroken, cried for many days. I felt like I have lost my everything. And then I asked myself if I really want to go after a guy who is interested in someone else. Spirit guides said, what’s yours won’t pass you by, the union is still fated. The more I tried to resist my soul calling to protect my DM, the harder it became. I couldn’t sleep. I was bombarded with psychic dreams and used to wake up calling his name, with a feeling like his life is at risk. It went on for many days in a row so I stopped resisting and finally decided to do what spirit guided me to do. Everytime I think of giving up on my Twinflame connection, I end up with flashbacks of how I died in every past life, hoping for union in the next life. I decided that I cannot leave the other half of my soul in trouble like this, I will try my best to help him. Without any expectations, without thinking if he will love me or not, it was a selfless act. I expected only friendship, which we were, soul friends from day one. But we didn’t realise when our friendship evolved into love, we didn’t want to taint our sacred connection so we still stayed in friendzone waiting for the third party situation to be over. This is why we used to express our love through songs. But yes, I was still judged. After contacting my DM, I learnt one thing about him, all he needed all this time was, me to come and scold him. I waited for so long for him to reach out for no reason. But divine timing again. Even if it was messy in the beginning, we were still coming in alignment for communication after so many months. That time too, I went off balance, but he brought me back into balance. I wasn’t chasing him at all.

Even before I could see with my 3D eyes, that there is interference from a third party, I knew. Spirit guides just gave me clarity. Because the black magick she did on my DM was affecting me as well. This karmic did spellwork on us from the beginning. At that time I didn’t know, but now I understand the effects of her spellwork very well. She will act as if everything happened so unexpectedly in the Karmic connection, but her every move was well planned. She monitors our communication so that she can plan her next moves based on that. She takes pride in being able to steal other’s men, it’s fun for her. Spirit guides told me that they want to protect my DM from the dark karmic. Because it will block his ascension journey and then our life purpose will be delayed. He wasn’t aware of all the spellwork being done on him, nor was he aware that the Karmic is a Narcissist, not a soulmate. But he was being abused and energetically screaming for help from me. He has been abused emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, verbally, psychically, psychologically. It also includes guilt trips, fake suicide threats, blackmail, pathological lying, stealing money, cheating, gaslighting all day long, and scapegoating by spreading shitty rumours everyday. He cannot trust her even a bit, in every area she has betrayed him again and again. He can’t even trust her as a friend, because at every point when he was at crossroads she manipulated him with her wrong advice. What’s the point of having a partner who is not on your side but an enemy?

I was guided to reach out to my Twinflame at the right time, when he had already realised that he should not have taken this soul connection for granted. He was unawakened and drifting through life without thinking of the consequences of his decisions. As the DM experiences toxicity in a Karmic connection, DF’s value increases every day for them.

In the beginning, I knew I’m going to meet my Twinflame and I was triggered and happy at the same time. I felt scared if I’m ready for a soul connection. But I didn’t know I will meet the dark karmic at the same place where I am going to meet my Twinflame. The light was so bright, that we didn’t know we are Twinflames but everyone could see it, the dark karmic knew for sure. She knew we are Twinflames even before us. This Karmic is also a seer, not just me. But she is a distorted feminine who uses her spiritual gifts only for her advantage. My psychic abilities had just started to develop but the dark karmic was already at the advanced module. She even mimicked the telepathic connection like Twinflames because she is a psychic. She told my DM that they are soulmates and that’s why they have a psychic connection.

I was so excited that I used to tell everyone thinking they are good friends of mine, that I am focusing on my blog after leaving IT and I know that I will have a huge inner transformation this year. The Karmic got jealous and the one-upper decided to steal my destiny. She is a one-upper at her workplace too. Jealousy is the only emotion that a Narcissist thrives upon. That’s all, just to steal my destiny Karmic decided to steal my Twinflame. I’m not the first person that she has tried to do identity-theft upon. She thought I will be able to serve my life purpose only if I have my Twinflame with me in 3D. Because I used to post it that I’m a Twinflame and we have a life purpose together. Karmic did get her karma though, look at me, I am still working on my life purpose, because the 5D connection with my DM is enough for that. She thought I cannot work alone on my goals, because of her own programming where a woman needs a man’s support to become successful.

I even used to post, that I have a life purpose with my Twinflame, everyone has read about it. Which certainly attracted more Karmics who were jealous of my DM and the happiness this Twinflame connection could bring to his life. She was jealous of my life moving into the north node from the south node, because she is always stuck in the South node. Not anyone else’s problem if she doesn’t want to do her inner work. She knew he is a divine masculine who has the potential to become a great leader one day, so she chose him thinking he has the potential to earn money. Money was her primary focus. But there is a twist, he will become a leader with me, not when he is tied to people who are in karmic energy, who want to use him. Divine protection is always working.

Afterwards, we had to hide our awakenings, healing journey, inner work, manifestations and connection, everything from public eyes to some extent. Lightworkers need to hide their ascension progress from dark forces sometimes. This is why I never boasted on my blog about our union in last timeline, not because we were scared to admit our love but to protect the Twinflame connection itself. If I had posted, maybe people won’t have questioned our relationship after the timeline shift on what I’m doing in his life and what’s my importance to him. But everything happens as it should. People might have thought that I’m too hopeful and dreamy, or our Twinflame connection is not fated for the union. Those who think Twinflame unions never happen so quick, must have felt a level of satisfaction. But we are Starseed Twinflames fated for union in this life and we do finish our healing modules a lot faster, even if people try to distract us by creating drama so that we won’t get time to sit in solitude and energy to do our inner work. Divine masculines are also fast learners even if they start late on their ascension journey. Last time I was guided to hide our ascension and stay away from drama, but this time I’m guided to write this post.

I noticed her copying my work from the very beginning. The first idea of mine she stole, was a travel blog that I wanted to work on. It’s a backstabber friend who first used to use me as a counsellor for free, on how to move on from her ex. This is why I started drawing boundaries with her. I knew it’s a Narcissist who wants to do identity-theft on me. Then she decided to interfere in my soul connection. She told my DM that I don’t give second chances to anyone, so he can start dating her now. Who in the world has the right to decide how many chances I want to give to my Twinflame? And I never talked about my past relationships or live life with her. This karmic deliberately tried to become a rebound and replace me. So that’s her karma now, could never become anything more than a rebound. Till now, the Karmic connection appears like a long term relationship but it’s just a casual relationship and they are ex’s from a long time. But when I was sent as divine intervention, she played the victim and spread gossip that I am homewrecking her happy life and I suddenly interfered out of nowhere and my DM never processed his feelings for me. The truth is, he did process his feelings and he did tell her. He also told her that we are soulmates. She always knew we love each other. She knew I will come back one day, she wanted to have a battle with me, she was provoking me the entire time by trying to play with my destiny. I am the one who still harbours so many secrets of hers to myself. This blog post is nothing, there are too many skeletons in the closet. Latest updates, she wants my crown.

I was named a “homewrecker”, what did I wreck? To be wrecked, there needs to be a home in the first place. The Karmic connection was built on a false foundation that was meant to fall apart. It was built on lies. Lie after lie, betrayal after betrayal, the karma got resolved. This is what happens when two wounded children come together to play house together, looking for happiness in another person. She stole my Twinflame, my destiny, he is my counterpart, she is the one who wrecked our dream of a happy home. It’s her, who takes pride in being a homewrecker and being able to steal men. Home isn’t where a relationship label is. Starseed Twinflames finally find their home in each other, after waiting all their life. She doesn’t want to look at it as receiving karma for what she did. Or maybe she does know it but doesn’t want other people to know that she is losing the game she started, so she chooses to play the victim.

You won’t find my Twinflame on my social media because she made him block me. But she won’t make him block my texts because if she did, how would she plan her next moves to create obstacles in the Twinflame connection. She maintains the connection with me to sabotage me and she does it from a distance, in hiding. Oh and she also steals my creative ideas and business ideas from our conversations and stalks my social media to make her social media appear like mine, even the youtube videos. My DM likes to know everything about me, so she studies my personality from our conversations and whatever he likes about me, she then acts exactly like me in public and on social media to confuse everyone and create more illusions about her being a DF not dark karmic. Everything that she posts or makes my DM post, is to show me that either she is about to gain control or she has control or she will regain control. Or to show me that she was successful in cloning my identity and stealing my destiny. She is obsessed with money, control and status. The worst part is, she even stole our songs. Apart from copying all my hobbies, creative passions and the content on my blog, she got hair treatments done to make her hair look like mine. Her makeup, style, dressing sense, all the hobbies, everything is copied. Even the personality that she shows on the external, she calls it personal branding, I guess I’m the brand. We planned a future together, how I would like to keep our home, everything. So she created a home too, exactly how I described it. It’s her dream project, one more dream that the Narcissist sold to my DM to make him invest more money. Ain’t no “homemaker” vibes, no nurturer, whatever you see, the aesthetics, the lighting, the bohemian theme, the balcony, the plants, the crockery sets, everything is copied. Anyways I can bet I would have done it a lot better, why because it takes dedication, not just glitter and stones to make a home.

My Twinflame being a lightworker and an empath, could provide her with what she was looking for. Someone whose light can hide her darkness and mental illness. She will go around gossiping all about my DM’s traumatic experiences but hide her own history, trauma and addictions. She doesn’t even want to heal, my Twinflame has wasted a good amount of time trying to fix her, thinking she could heal. This Karmic is cold-hearted, her heart chakra is completely closed off and she is not capable of loving anyone. It was never about love for her, only about the competition. She doesn’t want to heal and uses my DM to fill her void. She uses spellwork as a coping mechanism for her anxiety. No matter what happens to our health because of her spellwork, she doesn’t care once she is shining like a star in front of other people. She hoards people and things to fill her void and lives in a fantasy world where everything is A-okay. She spends all of her time strategising to cover up her issues, that’s why she pays so much importance to how she appears on the outside. A two-faced person, actually it’s a shape-shifter, not just two faces but many, that changes overnight like a chameleon.

And my DM had to learn to stop trying to heal Narcissists. He too is a healer like me, but being a healer doesn’t mean you sacrifice your own happiness trying to fix others. You cannot do anyone else’s inner work for them. At some point, you need to focus on healing yourself so that you can free yourself from such people. It’s a great responsibility when you have a big life purpose waiting for you. You cannot waste your time and energy on people who don’t want to change, at least don’t waste years. He had to learn what glitters is not gold and to stop settling for less.

In the last timeline

When I finally intervened. I thought I’m on time but I wasn’t, he was already trapped in the Karmic situation with business ties, money ties, obligations and some shit like 5-year goals. Because that’s what Narcissists do, they rush you into a commitment because of their own abandonment wound, by selling you dreams, illusions and fantasies. I warned her to stop interfering in Twinflame connections, it will cause her karma. The Karmic got more obsessed with winning and did everything to gain control back. I warned her in this timeline too. Including influencing my Twinflame’s family, friends and a whole community to trap him. People who don’t even know me well, had opinions about me. It was also a karmic lesson for my DM to stop caring what other people think. My DM was taking little steps in his healing journey. He could now see clearly that Karmic was a golddigger. He even broke up with her but trauma-bonded again after her guilt trips and fake suicide threats, and at the same time, we got stuck in codependency. He was going to sacrifice his happiness for others, because he has an ancestral pattern of being a martyr. He told me that he will take a stand but he didn’t. He gave into fear because of his wounding and ancestral patterns. He took the easy way out, thinking I will be okay if he puts me into a third party situation, just like he has always seen in his ancestry. She won, she was able to trap my DM.

Finally, I surrendered and said goodbye, not knowing the way forward and he surrendered by deciding to let me go, which finally broke the trauma bonding between my DM and Karmic. I chose myself instead of trying to save him and he chose himself instead of trying to save others. Your Twinflame can not choose you until you choose yourself. That’s how union happened unexpectedly. We didn’t know what union is, we were experiencing the Twinflame connection for the first time, otherwise, we would have surrendered earlier. But divine timing, again. This tower moment revealed all his ancestral patterns and we came out of codependency, both of us could see everything clearly now. This awakening finally healed all his ancestral patterns and wounds, no more small steps, all his wounding came to the surface. The Karmic finally got her karma, even after doing everything, she wasn’t chosen over me. She thought she won, even we thought she won, but she lost. I never tried to get chosen over anyone, I was only focused on protecting my DM from abuse. For me it was never about competition and my DM made it clear to me that I have his heart, I don’t need to compete and it’s not my nature anyway.

We had to put effort for months to reconcile our issues on why he ran like this again when he didn’t want to. He had to work on his thought patterns, because he had multiple reasons for running, not just one. I had to forgive him and he had to forgive himself. He did what he did because of his wounding, it was a reptilian response to protect his heart. Reptilian response because he had never been taught a thing about stress coping mechanisms. If he was to take a stand, he would have to stand alone, no one was going to support his decision and no one ever wanted to support this Twinflame connection. Karmic people didn’t even want him to communicate with me and tell me the complete truth of the situation. First he realised that he wasn’t in any different vibration from Karmic. She was a golddigger, but if he was not breaking up with her because of finances, it means he too had a lack-mindset. Lack mindset, where you keep holding onto the little you have instead of letting it go and thinking about what more you will be able to build in future if you free yourself and move forward. He had regret of hurting me, the grief cracked open his heart chakra, opening his heart is a life lesson for him in this life. His journey is not limited to the Twinflame connection, he has the burden of such heavy ancestral karma. Even this betrayal was a part of our soul contract. After the reconciliation, when we were finally enjoying a soulful connection together, suddenly the timeline shift occurred.

Last time she gave him the wrong advice in my absence which I got to know after months because we were in no-contact separation. Many things were hidden from me. But this time, I was right there when she decided to interfere in the Twinflame connection again, I got more clarity with the repeating cycles. This time too she played the victim, called me a homewrecker again. I was the person who gave her clarity as soon as I learnt about the timeline shift. She has known it for as long as me and my Twinflame have known, but she spread rumours pretending like she didn’t know. I told her everything, even how she earned her bad karma and she believed it, because she is aware of her true nature and that she is capable of doing it all. History repeats itself, a dark karmic chooses to interfere in Twinflame connections over and over again. That’s her life goal, to steal my destiny, because she doesn’t have a purpose of her own. She thought by stealing someone’s divine masculine, she will gain the reputation of a divine feminine. She just wanted to steal the identity of a divine feminine, it was never about the divine masculine. She didn’t have access to me, so she hurt my Twinflame to hurt me. If she sees me as an enemy, she sees my Twinflame as an enemy too, and vice versa, because me and my Twinflame are the same energetic signature.

The interesting part is, that these people tried to tell my DM that I’m after him because he is popular. No one remembers that I am the one who made him believe in himself and be confident in his creative work in the last timeline. I made him realise that his creative talents are his past life skills and spiritual gifts that he can use to heal others. Since no one remembers, let me please take all the credits back, that I’m the secret behind his success, no one else. He lives between people who try to dim his light every day.

In the new timeline

I mean it seems so, in the new timeline. That my DM knew he was in an abusive relationship but still sacrificing and staying with Karmic for his obligations. He got to spend a long time with the karmic to realise that it’s only abuse and toxicity. Until I came into his life and made him realise that he too, deserves to be happy. I contacted him at the right time.

How many times she has made pacts with the devil, to break the Twinflame connection and failed. Yet, she gets fooled by the dark again and again. She is not addicted to spellwork but to dark itself. That’s why they are called dark karmics. She has an ancestral pattern of controlling others by misusing spiritual gifts, while hiding behind religion. But she chose this ancestry in her current life, only because she was a dark witch in her past lives too. Thankfully she wasn’t in any of our past lives. She uses sorcery to exchange her karma with mine. She keeps my DM trapped so that she can steal my energy and pose as if she is me. She is a parasite and wants to feed on Lightworkers’ energy. She doesn’t understand that you cannot change people, you cannot make someone love you, you cannot override karma by using spellwork. She thinks she can play god in others’ life, she thinks she will never get karma for harming others by doing dark magick. I do SRT to remove the effects of spellwork, which I learnt last year. Only this one Karmic attached to my TF connection, has done so much dark magick that I have already removed more than 2500 spirits in this one year. I’m grateful that spirit used me as an instrument to help release so many energies from dark to light. She calls other fellow witches from her family and otherwise, to join her for group spells to make it more powerful. This is how vindictive she is.

When my DM started waking up, Karmics started abusing him even more. More plotting, more drama. Because people in Karmic energies don’t like anyone to ascend to a higher vibration. They support my copy but not me, scared of my light. They blame me for being the disruptor because I brought him in touch with spirituality, so they abused me as well. As if, being a Starseed he didn’t have innate spiritual knowledge by himself. He just needed someone to remind him of the truth that lies within him. They tried to break us everyday and the third party Karmic was the ring leader. They scapegoat me but everyone is obsessed with stalking my social media. Because they too believe in this TF connection, even if they pretend otherwise. The twinflame connection wasn’t toxic, it was external people who thought they are entitled to interfere in a Twinflame connection. But with every tower that they brought to break us apart and create trust issues between us, our bond became stronger because we worked on the triggers.

I have few question for everyone

Why was I being judged the whole time? Just because she spread rumours or because society believes that every woman is codependent? She spreads rumours only to create more obstacles in the Twinflame connection. And when will this gossip culture end? She blames me to project her distorted feminine energy onto me, to avoid dealing with her own issues. But why does everyone else agree with what she says? Is everyone projecting their distorted feminine energy onto me? I am a divine feminine who knows her worth. I was trying to protect my Twinflame as my duty, not chasing him to love me, nor was I looking for a prince charming to rescue me. No one ever thought that I was helping him, everyone thought I was manipulating him. Why? Only men can rescue or help women? Or maybe people cannot understand selfless and unconditional love at all. Even when we get stuck in codependency, I become the overgiver not him. Was I really being judged for not judging my true love for his trauma, that too by people who claim that they truly care for him? Why was I being called names when it’s his ancestral pattern of putting people into third parties without telling them the complete truth? Why are women always wrong? Why did everyone forget to think that I’m independent in every way possible and I have a life of my own? I too am important, I too hold value. I do not need a man to become my provider or protector. I can protect and provide for myself. In fact, I was and I still am, the one protecting him, this Twinflame connection and protecting a life purpose that is worth saving. I chose to stand with him and face all this abuse together. I have invested everyday, channelling guidance to my DM. I took it as my job being the spiritual twin, sharing all my spiritual knowledge with him to make him grow spiritually to my level and I had to do it twice. Till now, I have already invested more than two years of my life in this Twinflame connection. If my focus was really money, I would have earned a lot by doing other people’s counselling, tarot readings and SRT instead of focusing everyday on my Twinflame’s healing as a priority. Why do people get so easily influenced by looking at social media? Everytime I speak up about her doing spellwork on us, she posts a picture to appear religious and her work is done? Karmic community supported the Karmic thinking that she is as “religious” as them, while the black witch was hiding behind religion all the time.

Women never got to use their women’s rights, I know. But what about men’s rights? Just because Narcissistic abuse is always done in a way that it can’t be proved? Oh and because spellwork can’t be proved? And mental, emotional, spiritual abuse can’t be proved?

Why is my Twinflame supposed to sacrifice his happiness to make others happy just because one distorted feminine claims that she can’t survive on her own? I mean she can simply open a witch shop instead of trying to steal my creative ideas. Day and night, she loves to do spellwork endlessly. If she wanted to work, she would have, her mind is quite creative when it comes to plotting but she is lazy. She will not become depressed if he leaves her, she was already depressed when we found her, in fact he soothed her wounds for a long time. It’s a clinically diagnosed person whose family knew she had issues, that’s why they chose an empath for her. She can get professional treatment instead of using my DM to fill her void or she can keep faking like she has been doing all her life. Why can’t he put his mental health first over someone else’s? How can she guilt-trip him about me after cheating on him? Why is he obligated to stay with someone who treats him like an enemy? How can a group of people support a distorted feminine who plays the victim and expect my DM to follow his responsibilities for her, yet scapegoat a divine feminine and expect my DM to betray me? Even if I didn’t help him, he would still feel responsible for me, he is my divine masculine, I’m his destiny.

The Higher Perspective

Everything happened as it should have. Unlike the Karmic who blames me for stealing her guy, I have never taken the accountability away from my Twinflame, for manifesting a karmic. I know it’s karma, that’s why all along the journey, my focus has always been to make him do his inner work. But she did try to steal my identity and abused me in so many ways. My DM ran because he didn’t want to do his inner work. Because he was never taught to look inwards and ran into someone exactly like him, he really has heavy ancestral karma to heal. This journey taught him to self-reflect and be self-aware. He didn’t even know his true self, so he attracted a lot of fake people in his life. The Karmic didn’t want to heal either, she showed him the mirror. The Karmic thought that she is getting a divine masculine but herself being in distorted energies, all she got was a wounded masculine, that’s her karma. If my Twinflame was already healed, he would have never gotten distracted by interferences. I saw my Twinflame’s potential to become a divine masculine from the beginning but I also saw that he needed healing, the only thing I didn’t do is to judge him for his wounding. While she thought if I choose a guy then he must be perfect already, that’s where her plan failed. She trusted my decision more than her own discernment. She didn’t want to put effort with him to do inner work like I wanted to. She thought she will enjoy the results of a divine feminine’s hard work. She didn’t realise that the day a divine masculine heals, he will choose his divine feminine above everything. My Twinflame resisted change (ancestral pattern) to stay in his comfort zone and got his karma. He ran from a divine connection and ended up in an abusive relationship which taught him to run from himself. Karmic thought she can play god and steal others’ destinies, she got her karma too. I am the Karma. Never mess with pure souls, the chosen ones, god will make sure to use every obstacle as a blessing in disguise. She became the person who helped my DM heal by mirroring him. We had to deal with a dark karmic and her black magick constantly, which taught us to stand in our complete spiritual power and sovereignty as a lightworker.

My Twinflame had a lot of ancestral karma to be resolved to become my vibrational match. I was a lot more spiritually grown compared to him when we met, we were not a vibrational match. The rejection was a divine protection for me. I won’t have been able to mirror my Twinflame’s low vibrational behaviours and patterns that this karmic could mirror. I’m just waiting for the prophecy to come true, this union is prophesied in this incarnation, as I have known from the very beginning. The Karmic will help purify my Twinflame’s ancestral karma and he will finally return to me. He needs to choose self-love over being a provider and his responsibilities. Being a provider is part of every man’s identity, but it’s not the sole identity. He is a human first, before being a man, a provider. When he will choose true love over material stability, finances, image, tradition or anything 3D, this will break all his ancestral curses. People will judge him, but he is the sacrificial lamb for his ancestry. And I don’t think it’s hard for anyone to understand the importance of breaking such ancestral patterns, all of us have faced this dilemma in our life at one point or another.

People don’t support the Twinflame connection because it’s our past life Karma. We need to choose love before other people’s approval, a lesson that we have been facing for many past lives because of societal/economic/religious differences. In one of our past lives, we were from two different parts of society like Romeo and Juliet. This time, we are facing a situation, where Karmic connection is treated as a community project, so is the Twinflame connection. People think they are entitled to pass judgements on our connection and make decisions for us.

Narcissists push starseeds to ascend, but it doesn’t mean they don’t get karma for their wrong doings later on. The universe always delivers justice. Just like past life Karma, people receive past timeline karma too, even if they don’t remember what they did.


Traditions are nothing but ancestral patterns. It is our generation’s responsibility to look at our ancestral patterns and use discernment if those traditions really signify Dharma as they were supposed to, or not. Krishna said, Dharma is ever-evolving with time, Dharma is not fixed. The moment when wise people start to stay silent, is the moment when Adharma gains power. How are ancestral patterns created? Somewhere in history, some people in our ancestries chose to stay silent. And now those ancestors have to wait for someone brave to come and break those patterns so that our next generations can be free of their mistakes. Krishna said, no one can decide what your Dharma is, except you. What you are given as programming or conditioning in your childhood is not your Dharma, it’s just ancestral patterns. Your Dharma doesn’t need to be the same as your parents’ definition of Dharma.

This ancestry keeps rejecting me and supporting the karmic, because I’m not like them, not in the same energy as them. The ancestry itself is off track, I am not like them because I’m the one who is meant to bring it back into balance. They need to heal and integrate feminine energy so that they can respect and understand the value of a divine feminine. My Twinflame took the bloodline but I am the one who will break their ancestral curses. A divine feminine was not valued and put into a third party. The change started when a divine feminine did not accept it and put her foot down. Because before me, no one ever questioned the functioning disfunction. When everyone is used to living the same pattern and thinks it’s normal, obviously an outsider with better belief systems is required to wake people up. They think they are religious, but does it matter if they don’t even know how to respect feminine energy. They too hide behind religion, that they value public image and money over love and harmony.

P.S. If I am ready to take risks and sacrifice so much for earth healing, is it that difficult for these Karmics to step back and not interfere in a Twinflame connection? I’m not here to divide people, but a leader can lead only when people want to be led. A pair of divine feminine and divine masculine is meant to create a stable foundation for everyone around, but only if…

No matter what they did to break the Twinflame connection, no one was able to.

Update 6 December 2022

The karmic is also into prostitution, she has addictions and she does it for the money. She also tried to harass me many times, because she is Bisexual. My Twinflame’s so-called religious community, his friends and family also harassed me just because she spread some rumours and everyone enjoyed the show, no one interfered. These are the further truths I have exposed about her in the last few months.

Some of you have reached out to me after reading this blog. If you are also on a Twinflame journey and you are able to find similarities in our ancestral patterns or healing journey, it means we are the same collective. Please follow me on Instagram. I post daily updates about my Twinflame journey there. I am happy to know that more and more people are finding my blog now. I am so grateful. Helping people like me, is my dream and it’s finally coming true. Thank you everyone 🙂

Here’s my Instagram https://instagram.com/prettysmarttechie?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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