I finally want to open up about what changed in my family dynamic with the timeline shift. In the last timeline I was my daddy’s girl, everyone who knows me knows this. In this timeline I am my mommy’s girl.

With the timeline shift, everything has changed. My parents’ and even my extended family’s educational degrees, job history, life history too.

My dad used to be an empath, now he is a normally stoic man. It’s no one’s fault, these people don’t even remember how things used to be. My parents had to put up a lot with me. They changed according to my perspective, but I also changed according to theirs. But they never reacted to the timeline shift, I did. They have seen me grieving their loss in front of their eyes, I tried to keep everything inside but I don’t think I was successful. They accepted me as I am, thinking that I keep changing and transforming because of my awakenings anyway. I miss how things used to be. I didn’t go back to Bangalore yet, because I am learning to bond with my new family (the same family with a new dynamic feels like a new family). Out of the last 5 months since I came home, 2 months got wasted in spiritual warfare because of the dark karmic. I didn’t even get to spend time with my parents in that period.

The fireborn, jisne Bachpan nahin dekha
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First of all, I want everyone to understand that me and my Twinflame both have been facing Narcissistic abuse from people who don’t want us to be together. Generally, spiritual people, psychics and tarot readers like to use the word “Karmic” for Narcissists and Narcissistic people. You do have Karma with Karmics but it doesn’t mean they are not abusive. In our case, the third party Karmic is a full-blown Narcissist with Psychopathic tendencies. We both have been abused in all ways possible, scapegoated, talked about, by these abusers so that we will both give up on each other and this Twinflame connection. They try to create trust issues between us. Your Twinflame never intends to hurt you, unless they are manipulated by others. Every tower moment is brought because of these Karmics, their lies and manipulation. But spirit makes sure to use every tower in the favour of Twinflame connection.

Anyone who thinks, in a third party situation, DF chases DM. They are wrong. Runners run into the third party situations and Karmics chase DM, not the DF. It’s all rumours. Because in my case, I go towards my DM every time to school him, with my Queen of swords mode that every DM is scared of. Do hell with chasing😂😂 It’s because all DF’s know intuitively what their DM thinks and feels for them, we don’t need validation from our DM about it.

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Questioning everything – The Puzzle Pieces

I still feel attached to how people were in the last timeline, so I am just trying to write with indifference. I’m still in the middle of healing.

Even when I had not realised about the timeline shift, I noticed few changes in my parents and also in my sister, even if we were talking only on call. It was just a few times. I used to think, may be they are stressed because of work or maybe growing old and changing with time. But everytime I did ask myself, why are they behaving so different. And then I would choose to not take stress about it as usual and focus on my routine, work, blog, Twinflame connection, healing etc.

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My karmic lessons behind it

Every Twinflame receives communitcation, guidance and signs from both their counterpart’s 3D self and higher self, through out the journey. We are always working with each other’s higher self.

You are always in union with your Twinflame’s higher self. There is no sepration in higher dimensions.

In my case, it’s just that somehow the communitcation suddenly opened up after a long time, when I was about to give up hope. And my DM’s higher self specifically showed that he remembers everything, even if he doesn’t remember it in 3D.

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If you try to dive deep into your mind, you will find all your answers within.

Just like I had a knowing that I’m Twinflame, just like I knew since childhood that there is someone out there, made just for me.

I had knowing about the timeline shift too. Not exactly like this. But the feeling that one day he will be gone and I will to fulfil our life purpose alone.

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What I went through

I met my Twinflame for the first time 2+ years back. I had premonitions before that I am about to meet my soulmate. We quickly went into a separation(no contact). I worked on my separation triggers and figured out that we are not soulmates but Twinflames. But he didn’t. I kept watching Tarot readings and songs, because I knew there is a telepathic connection. I waited for him to leave his stubbornness behind and take a leap of faith. The same was the guidance from my spirit guides at that time.

Meanwhile, he went into a third party Karmic Relationship. I wasn’t completely awakened so my intuition was off, I did not see it coming. My spirit guides guided me to reach out to him and tell him that he went in the wrong direction with a dark Karmic. I felt a soul calling to protect him.

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The Timeline Shift

So 8 months back there was a timeline shift, which also made me unawakened and unhealed again. So my intuition was off. People around me started changing and I did notice sometimes, but who would possibly think that suddenly all your close ones can change.

I did not know, I did not realise anything about the shift. I kept living normally as usual. My wounding blocked my third eye and intuition. Why would I care to think that I have become unawakened and unhealed again!!

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You are LIMITLESS, just break free

Every soul is innately free-spirited and limitless.

It’s our belief systems that keep us limited. We think Karma is caused by our bad actions done towards someone else. But mostly it is caused by our own belief systems. We hold on to our limiting beliefs and they keep us trapped.

All you need to do is shed those limiting beliefs and grow, you will feel free.

When I was going through my Spiritual awakening, the decision to move away from toxic people, leaving the 9 to 5, telling my friends and family about my Spiritual awakening, talking about my past on my blog, talking about my Psychic abilities. Everything was as scary as it could be, because I didn’t personally know anyone else who had gone through the same things. No one in my family line had ever used tarot even. Everytime opening up made me face the fear of what will it bring. Will it push people away or will they be able to accept it?

It was just my limited belief that something tragic would happen, everything will crumble. But it didn’t, I showed my new-self over & over, and they loved it. Remember, people who won’t like your growth, are the ones who probably should not be in your life. But at the same time, it made me count, how many people have a probability to fall away and how many will stay. And what if I end up alone. That’s the fear. What if I don’t open up, would I have to pretend to be someone that I’m not, for whole my life.

I followed my heart and did it anyway and I am happy with the outcomes. I did take sometime to first porcess everything by myself and then share. Because it was my responsibility to communicate it in the right way, when you are comfortable inside, you are comfortable outside too. Me being authentic, brought so much transparency in our relationships and we are happy. I even chose to stick to some people that I had a rough relationship with, but we healed it. With me transcending my ego, transcended all my relationships into unconditional love.

Most of the time, it’s just what we fear that keeps us trapped, not people. When you choose to show your authentic self to the world, the universe chooses to shower you with love 10 times more, it always brings healing. When you surrender, give something selflessly, the universe rewards it 10 times back.

The universe/God does not test your commitment to itself, but towards your own soul. So how willing are you to free your soul?

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