The Soul Contract

I had a lot of questions, and found the answers one by one. But still couldn’t find the answer to one question. Why was it necessary for my Twinflame to forget me?

If the timeline shift happened and everyone changed to mirror us, it could happen on both sides. My Twinflame could also be put in a puzzle like me, where he has to re-analyse his ancestral patterns, family dynamics, and relationship dynamics.

If we had to become unhealed and unawakened and repeat the cycles for deeper layers of ancestral healing. That could also happen without my Twinflame having to forget me.

My Twinflame had to forget me and then after some time his higher self returned to tell us that he didn’t really forget. All of this didn’t make sense to me. Nor did I could find a relation between our ancestral karma and losing memories.

And finally, I was given the answer. It’s collective karma. It was collective karma that me and my Twinflame have signed up to transmute. It’s not ancestral karma, not even past life Karma.

Even the ancestral karma that we both have been healing, is ultimately collective Karma, because starseeds don’t have any personal karma. We chose those ancestries as our birth families that will help us clear out the collective karma. But still, this one thing where he loses his memories of me, can’t be found in both our ancestries.

As I’m writing this post, I want everyone to understand that I do not blame my Twinflame for anything. Whatever I go through, my Twinflame goes through it with me. My Twinflame took on every trauma that was needed to mirror me and even more trauma that is required to heal distorted masculine energy on the planet. My Twinflame does everything only to help me ascend into my divine feminine energy. As I learn to use my masculine energy and stand in my true power, I ascend into divine feminine energy. And as I ascend, my counterpart mirrors me and learns to heal and integrate his feminine energy and ascends into being a divine masculine.

But for people who are outside looking in, our soul contract is designed in a way that it challenges the old, limiting, traditional beliefs in the society. That’s why people may have different judgements about who is in the right, me or my Twinflame.

The collective karma where women are treated lower than men, where women always have to prove themselves, where women always have to look for validation from society, where people don’t know how to respect feminine energy.

This is the most difficult post I have ever written. I know what the collective karma means, but I can’t describe it in words to explain it to others. I will keep writing as I find more words to explain it. But I guess, everyone already understands what I’m trying to express, because this is the reality of our society and it’s not hidden from anyone. Even a 5-year-old can understand the unrighteous difference between men and women.

For now, I have the clarity that my Twinflame connection is healing collective karma. Me and my Twinflame both had to sacrifice, for healing this collective karma. He had to forget me and I have to accept this burden. The burden, which is not even our own. We had to sacrifice our love, for healing this collective karma. For goddess rising on the planet, the real mission work for which Twinflames incarnate on earth.

And since it wasn’t our personal karma, love should not suffer. So as a divine intervention, divine grace finally came to this connection. Even if my Twinflame lost memories of me in 3D, his higher self is still able to maintain the 5D connection with me.

When I wrote, I can see my Twinflame clearly now. I didn’t gain clarity because I came out of trance state, I wrote it because I got to know about our soul contract. Trance state could be healed in many other ways and I came out of it months back. My divine masculine is a true lightworker, who signed up for this type of soul contract with me, to heal collective karma. I can see my divine masculine fully in his light now.

All my anger, my reactions to him repeating cycles when we were split from union, my reactions when I didn’t have any clarity about the timeline shift, my reactions to him forgetting me. My Twinflame has been taking everything on himself and transmuting it with love, in 3D and 5D both. It wasn’t even his fault. I’m grateful to have such a man in my life. A true divine masculine. I will never let his sacrifice go to vain. I will fulfill my life purpose as divine feminine.

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