Karmic’s pre-meditated plan to keep the lovers apart

Karmic was after him from the beginning only because she knew we are Twinflames and I like him. In this post, I have laid out everything month-wise. If you haven’t gone through part 1 of this post, you want to read it first. Click here Judgements

We all met in January 2020 and I walked away from him in March. She started trying to lure him, majorly since April, by acting like me. She used to post too many WhatsApp statuses to copy me and I used to find it irritating. I had already distanced myself from the copycat because it was quite obvious now. She had also started doing spellwork in advance, on both of us. Then came his birthday, I made a plan with all our mutual friends to wish him. When I called the karmic to tell her the plan to wish him, she wasn’t happy. It was her behaviour, how she spoke and also my psychic abilities. She wanted to be the only one to wish him and also because she has told him lies that I will not give him a second chance. I was just waiting for him to unblock me and reach out, but he was being stubborn to apologise just like he is doing at present. She wished him separately, not in our group call. It’s good to talk to a guy the whole night if you want to date him, right? By which all the old mutual friends can now understand, how pre-meditated she was. They didn’t even start dating yet. Anyways, he didn’t entertain her that day.

They started dating in June 2020, we were in no contact for 3 months now. She told him she wants to have just a fling in the lockdown. The fling was a secret affair. He started withdrawing from her because she wasn’t interesting, she was not his match. That’s when she faked a pregnancy to trap him into commitment in July 2020. The player DM thought he will just play around but the Karmic played the player. FYI, it was never his plan to not come back to me, he just felt trapped. It was ancestral karma at work. I know his thinking was immature, but people should know I am only taking back what was already mine, not stealing anyone’s man. I know he took me for granted and that’s the whole point of why my Twinflame had to go through a Karmic relationship to reach the Twinflame union. He always knew he is settling for less by being with her, I mean look at worthless karmic and look at him, how many better options he could have had. Even though the Bisexual Karmic always had many other options both men and women, she wanted to use him as the primary supply for maintaining her image in society. Now the affair was known to his friends and family, but not to our mutual friends. His family wanted them to get married, because of the pregnancy. But even they didn’t know the truth, no one tried to make sure if she is really pregnant. In fact, she never went to a doctor. Even the cunning karmic mother didn’t have a clue. It’s their ancestral pattern, people getting married because of pregnancies. When it’s a pattern, it’s hard to think outside of the box. Those who don’t have an ancestral pattern like this, can easily understand what I am saying. Imagine, asking someone to marry you because they got you pregnant and not even having proof. Too much to ask, isn’t it!! And how could one think of getting married for a love child but not even think of taking care of the same child by going to a doctor? My TF didn’t even have an idea of his family having such ancestral pattern, these are the type of things that only ancestors or spirit guides can disclose to us and they told us in January 2022. She still kept it a secret affair to hide it from me as long as possible, because I could cause trouble for her. I was expecting a union in August, but he didn’t contact me. In fact, I started seeing their social media interactions, I asked our mutual friends about it, but no one had any idea. So I ignored it, I was also getting frustrated waiting for him already and then I saw her post again in September, which she deliberately posted to sneak attack me as always. That’s when spirit guides started giving me all the downloads, they told me everything in 5 days, and asked me to help him. I tried to resist because of his betrayal, but his higher self kept calling me for help. I decide to give it a try and took leap of faith. Even though I felt heartbroken myself, I still tried. I texted him and told him to break up with the gold digger, at the end of September.

October 2020. Communicating with each other was such a challenge initially. We were in Twinflame turmoil stage, full of triggers. First he tried lying to me that he is single but it didn’t work. Afterwards, he used to address her as his ex, because he was with her only because of the obligation. I got to know that his money is already tied up with the karmic. Both of them also used to have options, they were never committed, so don’t blame me for breaking them apart. They used to drink together, so I thought she is not pregnant. Because according to what I knew, pregnant people do not drink so much and act with responsibility. But it was the other way round, after faking the pregnancy she kept trying to get pregnant. Every time I tried to bring up the topic of pregnancy, the karmic gaslighted him to fight with me. It was already an uncomfortable topic for me. She manipulated him to defend her and then after making us fight, she laughed like a hyena. I understood it was not going to be easy to make him trust me over the Karmic. She asked him for money the next day and he realised that she is really a golddigger and I wasn’t lying about her. This was the same day, he had his first awakening that I am his Twinflame, that’s why he closed all his other options except the Karmic that succeeded to make him feel obligated. He decided to work on his addictions as well. The Karmic continued to have options, she was never loyal to him. Immediately after I started texting him, she told him to move in with her, it was a sneak attack because I told him not to move in with her, I knew all the tricks used by Narcissists. She wanted to monitor him and our communication. As you can see, her first priority is still to be able to stalk, monitor, plot against us and control us. He agreed to move in with her only because he wanted to take care of her during her pregnancy. They booked a flat together. Then next, she took his phone and blocked me on all of his social media, earlier it was only whatsapp. Next, the karmic made him tell all our mutual friends that they are in a committed relationship, just so she can scapegoat me in the group by gossiping about me. That I am the chaser, the side chick, the homewrecker and the characterless one. Till this time I kept it very platonic, I was just trying to help him, but people still judged me because of her rumours. He didn’t know anything about spirituality because of his religious background, so I shared all my knowledge with him step by step.

November. He had overcome his alcohol addiction by now, not completely but he was doing a lot better. The Karmic went home for Diwali, she had planned this from the beginning. That she would go home and then fake a miscarriage. This way no one would know, only her parents. She is the type of person who won’t leave him alone at all, but she went home for a whole month, weird right? She did fake a miscarriage. Because 4 months were enough for her to convince him for live-in and be introduced to his family and friends, and build her influence. She knew she can be the ring leader now and also monitor him 24×7 by living in the same house. He used to be very sad because of the miscarriage, I didn’t know why. I thought the death card is because he lost someone because of corona. He was very attached to the child, that he thought was there. Even the Karmic mother was busy taking care of the Karmic who was pretending to be sick, i.e. postpartum depression. One good thing did happen, without her interference, we became best friends. Actually, she did try, she used to regularly pick up fights with him about me, and his friends also used to give him opinions, but it didn’t work. According to him November 2020 was the most special month of his life. I started opening up about my feelings and he was happy. His feelings I already knew from starting, being a psychic. But he always hesitated to ask me out. I also helped him improve his confidence, also in his music. He started getting good work. We were both happy that now he would be able to exit the Karmic relationship by separating money ties with her. But all that the Karmic could see, was his potential to earn more money and her decision to marry him got even stronger. She also took credit for his success, as if I didn’t do anything. So let me take all the credit for everything he has achieved from the day we met. I have always been his inspiration, I have always given him ideas, and I am the woman behind the success of this man.

We were both happy, feeling the butterflies after expressing our feelings for the first time. But soon the karmic came back in December, they also started living together immediately after she came back from her hometown. She lured him again and I got to know he is not over his Ex. So we had a big tower moment because he was still holding onto his last relationship. He made up his mind to break up with her and take interest only in one person. Now they were Ex’s. He had a major awakening this month. The Karmic couldn’t understand how the Twinflame connection has developed under her nose. He started taking me seriously and being loyal, so the karmic started plotting as usual. Since the day he became loyal to me, she opened her rulebook. She also gave me a reading saying she has a plan and she is coming to get “her mate”. She wanted to marry him before I could even have a chance and to stop his spiritual transformation. Then she caused him a financial loss, now he knew she is a golddigger. Then he planned to propose to me, but Karmic also planned her next move, she went to his hometown with her mom to discuss their marriage. This was also an impulsive plan as always, she just booked the tickets for a flight in 1-2 days. Sneak attack. He did propose to me and also told me that she is going to meet his family the next day. This is where he didn’t tell me the whole truth, that they are getting engaged. My reply to him was that I will never do extramarital affairs, so he needs to make up his mind. I was so angry about it. I wanted him to end the third-party situation first, I really did not want us to do anything that can be judged. Even he didn’t want to taint our divine connection, that’s why we were committed to each other in the heart but not by relationship status, we stayed in friendzone. He went to his hometown and kept playing pretend with her, dreaming about our wedding while getting engaged to her. He used daydreaming as an escape. He was also very sad that he disappointed me. The next day after he came back, he decided he will end their relationship for good, but she started giving fake suicide threats. By this time, we both had experienced a lot of spiritual attacks and we knew there is spellwork being done to us. So we started learning more about energy clearing.

January 2021. Now started the new year with suicide threats and financial worries. Once they were engaged, they also started posting together on social media. I told him to stop keeping appearances but little did I know there was a wedding on the way. I did know one thing, that this karmic is a full-blown Narcissist and that’s why I planned to expose her by writing a blog on the third-party situation. Because she had also started constant rumours about the Twinflame connection, to force him to stay with her. He had fears about his image, so she made him worry about what would people think of him. He wanted to prove to them that he is a good committed man, so he kept keeping appearances. My TF and me, we used to talk about living together, planning our home, planning our wedding, that’s when we talked about a wedding video because of a song that he gave me. Then finally after her many attempts to patch up by the karmic, my TF took the bait, and they patched up. Here, I had no idea that I have been trauma bonded to him, because of mirroring. The trauma bond was – he was not taking any action, waiting for the Karmic to move on from him and I was also waiting for him to move on from her. Both of them kept drinking for 2 weeks, day and night. She kept gaslighting him and quarrelling with him. He was quite depressed at that time too. She also blocked my fake ID, to create conflict between us. Then he decided to break up with her again, because he was not happy without me. She used to blackmail him, that she will tell everyone that he got her pregnant, if he doesn’t marry her. Now her next sneak attack, their wedding invitation card was out, and everyone knew except me. The next day, she gaslighted him again by talking shit about me, also did spellwork to make him feel vengeful. She wanted us to fight because I was trying to talk about the fake pregnancy topic again. That day he said a lot of cutting words to me. Later he realised that the karmic manipulated him, I didn’t do anything wrong. It took us a week to heal the issues between us.

February. He also had a dark night of the soul, I had triggered a major childhood wound for him. After the last spiritual attack, I decided to learn SRT. He was busy in his dark night of the soul, and the Karmic was busy doing a wedding photoshoot, to copy my idea of a wedding video. She didn’t post any pics with him, it was hers alone so I thought she is getting a makeover done. She posted the pics to tell me about her next move and also confuse me at the same time. In a few days, I did find their couple shots on the makeover person’s page, I told him to get that post removed but I did not ask for a solid commitment that he needs to end the third-party situation. Because of my trauma bond, I kept giving him time to resolve the third-party situation and wait for the karmic to move on from him. After healing his childhood wound, he started becoming emotionally mature the next week, the Valentine’s week. He was behaving very romantic towards me and the karmic was so jealous and sad, she knew she has an upcoming wedding but everything is already falling apart. Now she wanted the wedding to happen at any cost, because she had to win. My TF expressed all his emotionally mature feelings to me, which was definitely new to me. But soon the truth started hitting him hard. He knew the time is coming when I will get to know the whole truth about their secret wedding. He used to be very sad, I didn’t know why. I tried to motivate him but it didn’t work. The grief was making him emotionally mature. Then finally the Karmic used her sneak attack, with a 10-day countdown with the photoshoot pics. I understood why has been sad the entire week. She wanted me to die a slow death in those 10 days. I didn’t know what the countdown is for, if he is getting engaged or married. It was so much drama, couldn’t even think of asking him clearly. I didn’t think someone can get married so soon, in a few months of dating, but she rushed him into marriage. I thought it’s a small probability that they will get married in the lockdown, but the Karmic deliberately chose a date in the lockdown, because she wanted to save on wedding expenses. We didn’t have much time on our hands to absorb what was happening and create a change in the situation. I walked away and told him to end the third-party situation. He started reacting and tried to control me, he kept posting captions for her, the same words he used to tell me. Finally, he started having an awakening, he told me he will take a stand.

March 2021. But he backed out again, he gave up to his fears, just 2 days before the wedding date. He just shuts down under pressure, so he ran. He never learnt how to handle stress. He couldn’t take a stand and got married, which I had to find out through his social media post. He got married only to get his parents’ validation. His well-reputed parents didn’t tell him to inform me that he is not going to take a stand. This was all planned, they didn’t want to me know until the wedding is complete. Otherwise, how could it be, that a family that shows off every small thing on social media, would hide an upcoming wedding on social media? No one even tagged them, until the wedding was complete. I was left at the altar, with all my dreams and my heart shattered. But still, my main worry was that he married a Narcissist, and I could not stop him from falling into the trap.

The next day of their wedding, I decided to walk away. But before walking away, I had to make sure he knew everything that I knew. Because now he had to be on his own and I was worried about him. I told him that I started texting him only because spirit guides told me that the karmic can fake a pregnancy and he confirmed that there was a pregnancy. I got to know my intuition was not wrong. I was a growing psychic, so I wasn’t sure all this time until he told me. Spirit guides said it word to word “karmic faked a pregnancy”, not Karmic is going to fake a pregnancy. I finally understood it all, very clearly. I regretted not opening up to him about this earlier, but a few months later I got clarity about our soul contract. I told him the truth in divine timing. The Karmic connection was meant to end after they get married, necessary to break his ancestral patterns. An extramarital affair had to happen, as destined.

When I walked away, we both surrendered. This broke the trauma bond between us and the domino effect also broke the trauma bond he had with the karmic. He had his final awakening and now he became emotionally balanced. The truth about the fake pregnancy made him realise that he lost it all for nothing, for a lie. She was never pregnant. It triggered him to recognise his remaining ancestral patterns and wounds. Even I realised that showing empathy to this Karmic is only going to end in disappointment. I felt disgusted that a woman, a friend of mine, could go to this length just because she wanted to compete with me. I planned to not keep any contact with him after he got married. But he was already under transformation for union now and I had also finished my Karmic lesson to choose myself. So spirit guides told me that there is going to be a divorce. I sent him the reading, but I was not sure the divorce is going to be in how many years. For me, it was so many fast changes. Spirit guides also revealed that the karmic’s family selected an empath and provider kind of person for her, because they knew she is mentally unstable and also lazy. I also got to know that the karmic was blaming him that he brought her fewer gifts at the wedding. She was just blame-shifting on him to project her issues. That’s how you know she deliberately chose to get married during the lockdown.

Later, he asked me for help so I guided him through his awakening. But I still told him to delete all the messages about the upcoming divorce. Because I didn’t want the newly wedded Karmic to get hurt. How am I the homewrecker? I gave her my most precious thing, my Twinflame. Her home fell apart because of her own mistakes. She created a relationship that was based on a lie. All the facade they put on social media for so long, that they are soulmates, so lovey-dovey, made it look like a love marriage when it was not even an arranged marriage, it was a forced marriage because of a fake pregnancy. That’s why she was not chosen even after doing everything to get married to him. She continued to tell him more lies, she kept abusing him, she couldn’t value it when she found a gem. She self-sabotaged their relationship. She was busy doing prostitution for money and fun, even when he was fulfilling all her unrealistic financial demands. It was never enough for her. He was never enough for her. If she valued him and he was happy, I would have never wanted my Twinflame back. Because true love is selfless.

My Twinflame was done with his awakening but he was not sure how he will come out of this sticky situation now. So he prayed and spirit guides said help is on the way. They said he is going to find out about a financial betrayal and the betrayal is a key for him to unlock the door and come out of the karmic connection. He checked his bank account I guess and then he told me that there has been a financial loss. She had stolen all the money from his account. She told him to choose her over me because she is rich compared to me and then she stole all of his money. He took time to think and made up his mind to leave and also gave me commitment. Everyone in his friends and family knew why they are going to be divorced and after that no one questioned my character at least. But then a timeline shift happened in July 2021 and I was labelled as characterless without doing anything wrong. It was after union, when I got to know that they were dating since June 2020. All this time I thought, they started dating in August and I was on time in September to save him from the Narcissist. Her trick to keep it a secret affair, really worked out for her in the long term.

They broke up but the Karmic still continued to copy me, she stole all my ideas and furnished the home just like I described it to him in January. She kept pretending on social media, to keep the show going, that they are happy etc. But people started having a clue that she is not happy. Vibes don’t lie. After the timeline shift again, he got to know about the fake pregnancy quite soon. Immediately after the timeline shift, he started asking me why you didn’t contact him for such a long time and also started explaining why he got married. He told me that there was a pregnancy, so I was wondering why he is telling me about it again. I was asking him when she faked the miscarriage because I thought he already knows. That’s how he found out about it again, he was really sad that week. She plotted again, he ran again, and we came into union again in October 2021. We were out of the trance state now, so we discussed everything to gain clarity about the timeline shift in November 2021. I also told her everything about the last timeline, but she continued to play the victim, until I explained everything to the Karmic community in April 2022. And since December 2021, the Karmic has been plotting to destroy him because he wanted a divorce. It’s been 1 year now. It’s all about money. All the spellwork she does, all the attempts to give him alcohol addiction, all the plotting she does to make him patch up with her, is because she wants to get pregnant now. She wants to have a child, just to put him on child support. She still doesn’t respect her feminine energy. She is the type of person who will use her own children to make money.

So the moral of the story is. He spent 2.5 years of his life trying to provide and take care of her, when it was not even his fault. Recently, she was mentioning all the gifts she has given him and all the bills she has shared with him. But she needs to be thankful that he provided her a luxurious life, even when he was down and depressed because of her. He overworked, but always provided for her, even when she kept causing him financial losses. She needs to stop asking for alimony.

She stole a lot from me as well, she is in a lot of Karmic debt. 2.5 years is not a small time period.

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