I finally want to open up about what changed in my family dynamic with the timeline shift. In the last timeline I was my daddy’s girl, everyone who knows me knows this. In this timeline I am my mommy’s girl.

With the timeline shift, everything has changed. My parents’ and even my extended family’s educational degrees, job history, life history too.

My dad used to be an empath, now he is a normally stoic man. It’s no one’s fault, these people don’t even remember how things used to be. My parents had to put up a lot with me. They changed according to my perspective, but I also changed according to theirs. But they never reacted to the timeline shift, I did. They have seen me grieving their loss in front of their eyes, I tried to keep everything inside but I don’t think I was successful. They accepted me as I am, thinking that I keep changing and transforming because of my awakenings anyway. I miss how things used to be. I didn’t go back to Bangalore yet, because I am learning to bond with my new family (the same family with a new dynamic feels like a new family). Out of the last 5 months since I came home, 2 months got wasted in spiritual warfare because of the dark karmic. I didn’t even get to spend time with my parents in that period.

The fireborn, jisne Bachpan nahin dekha

People ask how my childhood was, I don’t know. I can’t say anything because I don’t remember. I just remember that my childhood was good in the last timeline, everyone used to admire/envy that my parents were always so understanding. Whatever I am today, is because of them. My dad was my idol. All my moral values come from my parents.

In this timeline, I am born out of fire and nothing else. Just a divine feminine who came out of nowhere, to fulfil her destiny.

I couldn’t heal much of my wounds after cycling back with the timeline shift in July. Because I don’t even remember my wounds and what to heal. This is why the universe had to force me to come home and notice what has changed. So that I can look into the mirror and start healing.

People mistake me when they think that I have ascended this much for this first time, I was almost as awakened last year too, it just wasn’t visible to others. I had already mastered my skill in spiritual psychology. In the last few years, first I healed myself, understood why I was bullied and abused in past, why abusers abuse and why victims take on the abuse. And then when spirit guided me to help my Twinflame with my counselling skills, I learnt even more.

I don’t remember anything that happened in this timeline, I can’t remember the wounds but my energy body still used to react to certain situations. So I just followed the breadcrumbs left by spirit. I looked into my mirror, my Twinflame and everyone else who was showing me the patterns. Only because I had mastered spiritual psychology, I could relate to what my wounds could have been, by looking at my patterns like a math equation.

Atal rahega mera mann, mera janm ka ye kaaran
(By the way, I don’t like those lines,
“sankalp sammaan ka, sangharsh hai stree-dhan”,
I chose this song for the rest of the lines.
Why is struggle necessary in a woman’s life?)

The fire born, who was left with nothing but just two best friends who didn’t change with the timeline shift. Only two humans who remember everything about my life in the last timeline and understand me and my real identity. I have a few more good friends in present but these two are the closest and oldest friends, because the rest of them fell off of my life in last few years.

I have finally accepted the change. My parents have changed, but they too sacrificed for my ascension, like my Twinflame did when he forgot me.

I will fulfil my life purpose for all my loved ones who sacrificed for this mission work.

P.S. those who are curious, I haven’t been able to establish communication with my parents’ higher self yet. I did pray for it to be possible.

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