Twinflames, you are divinely guided and protected. Have faith.

Twinflames come with a mission on earth to spread love. The journey is not easy and so divine support is always available.  Always ask your guides to watch over the connection. Archangel Michael is specially designated to protect the Twinflame connection.

Starseed TFs are quite powerful. So that take on the toughest mission works together.

In my case, my divine masculine is healing a very unconscious ancestral line. I am healing my ancestral line as well, but both lines are very different.

Divine Masculines usually choose karma, where they are too stuck in the 3D  materialistic matrix (sometimes 2D). Divine Feminines usually transform easily through adversities without getting too caught up in the matrix, because Feminine energy is all about transformation. This is why DMs are referred to as the materialistic twin and DFs as the Spiritual Twin.

If you are the Spiritual Twin, you have to lead the journey. You have to take responsibility for the Spiritual protection.

When I found out that my divine masculine is stuck in an abusive relationship. I tried to heal him so that he can come out of the vibration of abuse. I never chased him to love me, I chased him to do heal himself. I scolded him like a mother to start doing his inner work. But people called me names to Manipulate him against me, to keep us separated, out of Jealousy. I was called a golddigger, a witch and things that no woman would like to hear about herself. But I never gave up, I waited for the wheel of fortune to turn. Truth has the power to reveal itself.

Why I was called such things? Because people had to prove that I’m the witchy psychopathic karmic, someone else is the divine feminine. It was projected onto me. You see, how much interference do TFs face.

They try to make the Awakening masculine stuck. They don’t realise, the more troubles you create for a person who is mid-ascension, the more you force them into ascension. They can only create minor hiccups but nothing can control the destiny of a chosen one, not even himself.

Keep your faith and your head up high, always. Your unconditional love will protect, heal and save your TF and your connection from any harm sent your way.

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