Myths about Awakening

I have a lot to write about, couldn’t even decide where to start from.. so I thought I will start with a few answers to the “why”. When people read my story they should understand where I’m coming from.

Awakening.. a big word. Everyone says once you had an awakening, you can’t go back, you can’t un-awaken yourself. Well, whoever said this, was definitely lacking knowledge.. because I have seen myself and my Twinflame cycling back so many times.. everyone who belongs to my Twinflame collective has been going through these cycles.

It’s like we don’t plan that tomorrow we will wake up unawakened, nor does our ego plan to resist. But it still happens. My twinflame being in divine masculine energy, does resist the transformation but I never did, still, I cycled back.

Awakening happens in cycles. Healing happens in cycles.

Timelines, the most important thing I will be talking about. Every awakening, every realisation, every healing that one does, creates a timeline shift in their lives. This is why people are able to transform their lives by healing themselves

Sometimes, it’s not us who manifests the timelines.. it’s the universe that puts us in a timeline shift. It’s like a test, a spiritual test. Or maybe it was pre-ordained. You are guided into new timelines for healing something different that was not possible in the last timeline.

I’m still going through the test. Sometimes I feel like giving up. Sometimes I get tired of asking why this is happening to me, over analysing with no conclusions. Sometimes I find myself searching for an identity of my own, in this new timeline. But most of the time I just miss how things used to be. Every day I feel alone. And then I try to block my heart so that I won’t have to feel so much remorse. Rest of the time I keep the faith.

As my Twinflame says “God Knows why” 😅

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