The Timeline Shift

So 8 months back there was a timeline shift, which also made me unawakened and unhealed again. So my intuition was off. People around me started changing and I did notice sometimes, but who would possibly think that suddenly all your close ones can change.

I did not know, I did not realise anything about the shift. I kept living normally as usual. My wounding blocked my third eye and intuition. Why would I care to think that I have become unawakened and unhealed again!!

I also got stuck in the codependency stage with my Twinflame again, which definitely took my focus away from other people who were also changing. The dark karmic also started interfering with spellwork again to steal my Twinflame. We used to be in union and now we were suddenly running and chasing without realising. And then trigger by trigger I started looking at a deeper layer of the same trauma that I already healed one year back.

But this was not enough to wake me up. So a big tower moment happened in my Twinflame connection which gave both of us a reality check. For some time I thought only my Twinflame is repeating the cycle. I kept assuming so, until one more tower moment lead to a heart awakening for both of us. And now I knew, it just clicked in an instant that we have become unawakened and unhealed. He started healing finally, so we came into union again after 3 months. But it lasted only a few weeks until my Twinflame started cycling back to old patterns. Now he remembers me but we were not in Union energies anymore. This time it wasn’t a timeline shift but stuck in Karmic cycles in the same timeline.

Now the task was to find out how and why. This is when I went off social media for the first time, because I was confused enough to teach anything to anyone on my blog. I also tried to figure out what patterns do I need to look at now and what Karmic cycles do I need to overcome. So I had to look at the past, after a lot of analysis I figured out the exact day when my Twinflame dynamic was shifted.

While figuring that out, my Twinflame and I did not agree on a few things. Initially, I thought he had just forgot the process of his awakening in the last cycle and the skewed lens was back, which he had because of his wounding. I was just trying to find out the day when we got stuck in codependency, so that now we can talk about the things that we did not have clarity upon. I couldn’t find an answer to that but the fact that my Twinflame doesn’t remember me.

But we soon realised he doesn’t understand why I’m mad at him for repeating cycles. Only because he doesn’t remember me. Yes, my Twinflame forgot me. With the timeline shift, he forgot all the memories of me, his awakening and our union. He doesn’t remember that our separation ended long back.

I thought I will be fine, we will get along with time. So I started telling him all our past memories. Which I remember, my family and friends remember, our mutual friends also remember but somehow he doesn’t.q

Then my father met an accident, I came home after two years. (Don’t worry he has recovered well now, thank you to everyone who showed concern). I couldn’t come home earlier because of the lockdown and also because the spirit had put me in isolation. Every time I thought of travelling, I would face some blockage.. a lot of people experience this kind of isolation during awakening.

This accident was the second time I decided to go off social media. First 2-3 days spent in taking care of my family. I started having conflicts with both my parents because they had changed. We talked about it, I realised that the timeline shift affected my family dynamic too. Now I had to learn my parents’ new personalities all over again, to get along with them.

As soon as I resolved conflicts here, my Twinflame connection started repeating cycles. After that, a lot of drama because of the Karmic people attached to my Twinflame connection. And I was also pulled into spiritual warfare by the dark karmic for 2 months. This is why I have not been active on social media at all for almost two months. I couldn’t post anything even if I wanted to.

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