How does trauma bonding happen in third party situation in Twinflame connections

Third-party situations are common in a Twinflame connection. If the runner runs quite enough, they end up running into a karmic connection. A relationship where the runner will be abused for enough time to start self-reflecting and do their inner work, also to recognise the value of their Twinflame and to go back. Yes, Karmics are a blessing for a Twinflame connection from a higher perspective. Karmic connections refine the incredibly stubborn divine masculines, helping them in ascension and awaken to their mission work.

Trauma bonding can also happen in a Twinflame connection. But if it happens, it happens between all three, not just between the DM and DF. Because it’s an energetic loop between all three.

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Twin Flame Separation

I know, my engineering did not go to waste. 😉🤟🏻

A twin flame connection is between the Divine feminine, Divine masculine and the Divine itself. It’s a sacred soul connection, two loyal hearts that love each other for infinite lifetimes.

But being on the earthly plain, not only the uncertainty but the blockages also add to the separation. Sometimes the blockage is not your healing or Awakening, but circumstances.

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The stuff that normal people struggle to understand the most about Twin Flames

People justify toxic as spiritual and spiritual as toxic.

People stay in toxic abusive relationships and justify it as past life karma. They even justify it as a karmic soulmate. There’s no such thing as a “Karmic Soulmate”. Either its a “Karmic” or a “Soulmate”. That’s just spiritual bypassing being misused to justify abuse.

Soulmates are your high vibrational match and that relationship can never be abusive. It’s a Dharmic connection, that is your soul family, people who are connected by a purpose.

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What is divine feminine energy?

I have mentioned about the era of the rise of the feminine. But being a divine feminine is not about being a feminist.

A divine feminine balances her own inner feminine and masculine energy.

Divine feminine energy is the Shakti energy, the fire, the life force, the creative energy of the universe.

Divine feminine energy is all about flow and freedom. It’s only to be protected not to be controlled.

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Why Twin Flames are so unconventional?

Twin flames come in all sorts of unconventional templates, be it LGBTQ, religious differences, cultural differences, different societal beliefs, long distance by countries apart, third party situation, age gape and all cases possible.

Almost all twin flames are designed to incarnate in unconventional templates, it’s a part of their soul mission. To challenge everyone’s traditional belief about what real love is & to establish new paradigms for relationships. They challenge their own beliefs too, for rapid ascension. All twin flames all Lightworkers as well.

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True Twin Flame Recognition Signs

Spirit makes sure that Twinflames meet each other with a lot of serendipity. Both are given sings before meeting, continues until the union. So I will talk about a few.

But there’s never a need for explanation, energy speaks it all. People be like how do you know it’s your twin flame and that shit is real. Like come on, don’t diss me. If you have seen a twin flame together even for a second, you know they are twin flames. Everyone knows, without a doubt, that they are made for each other.. even if you don’t know about the label, you know.

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Divine Sacred Love

There are so many types of worldly loves on this planet. Platonic love, romantic love, faithful love, loyal love, showoff love, materialistic love, conditional love, toxic love, abusive love.. we often talk about all of these, but rarely about sacred love.

True unconditional love is sacred, it’s divine, it’s pure.. it comes from the heavens and is protected by God himself.

Love is such a controversial topic. It’s the most important pillar in the foundation of life, yet so underrated.

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Why do twin flames recieve so much hate from the judgemental society?

I call it “judgmental” society because there is another community which respects twin flames like anything. The community that includes Lightworkers/starseeds, humanities, healers, shamans, earth angels, poets and lovers.

Twin flames are a symbol of love. So everyone who isn’t vibrating on the frequency of love, hates them. That’s why toxic people hate us the most. Anyone who is disconnected from their true self, who doesn’t feel love inside, who doesn’t have self-love, who doesn’t believe in love, who hates love, who has attached negative stories to the definition of love, who is wounded inside, who lives in toxicity and disfunction, everyone who doesn’t have faith, hates us. Just like everyone who struggles with their own darkness, hates Lightworkers.

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What really is a twin flame?

There are a lot of different philosophies given about it..but being a twin flame I will share the definition that I personally agree with.

The soul is just like a ball of energy travelling in the Spiritual dimension. Twin flames are two souls, created by splitting the same ball into two. Every soul has a balance of Feminine and Masculine energy, but twin flames are spilt with polarity, one holds dominant Feminine energy and another holds dominant Masculine energy.

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Twin Flame or Karmic?

Is it a twin flame relationship or a karmic account? Let me explain how to find out.

People have created such a stigma around twin flame relationships. That sometimes when you are in a toxic relationship, you think that is also a twin flame. But sometimes it can be karmic which makes them your false twin flame.

Specially Empaths and codependents, if they fall in love with a Narcissist they tend to think it’s a soulmate or a twin flame. It happens because you don’t want to accept that what’s happening to you is abuse, because of love-bombing, cognitive dissonance, trauma bonding and parent child dynamic.

With time you will realise that it’s a Narcissist, because relationship with a Narc can not last a very long time, without the truth coming to the surface. Whereas twin flame relationships go into separation so both the people can heal and come back into a healthy relationship.

**If you are an empath, spiritual person or understand energies, it’s easy to figure out. When you say that you are made of each other and your soul feels it. What does it actually feel? I used to feel as if we are chained together. I am growing but I have to pull the other person with me, even if I have to slow down. The chain is nothing like an angelic chain or golden chain, it’s a heavy rusty iron chain. That’s a karmic relationship, where you haven’t learnt the lessons yet, which is keeping you stuck with them.

**Whereas if you think about your twin flame, you won’t feel any links like cords or chains. You just see that person as simply you. You know you both are the same soul. You don’t feel any cord but you know that there is a connection at every level. Even when you go through separation and triggering, you will still find there loving energy healing you in 5D.

Your twin flame is the one with whom you have been before also, in other lives/higher dimensions, so it feels like home. Usually, when you discuss about your life, you find out that theirs and your life have almost been through same templates.

Now, this is the part which creates confusion, do you understand them better since you know how tough your past was. Or are you with them because you think that, since you were both abused in the same way in past/childhood, so now you are a match. This is your wound-mate, not a soulmate.

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