Karmic Relationships

I have been talking about Twin Flames and soulmates. Today let’s talk about karmic relationships.

As it sounds, it’s about karma. Karma not necessarily from a past life, but karma that makes you wound mates. It can be anyone, that spirit aligns you to meet if that is what required to push you towards the path of inner work. This person will mirror all your childhood wounds and past wounds, it will feel familiar like a soulmate because you will feel you have so much in common. But is it meant to last?

Romantic karmic relationships usually come in your life to push you to journey of self-love & help you ascend. But also, they are not meant to last, once the karmic lessons are learnt, the karmic contract expires and it’s time for justice to be restored for everyone. Once you start loving yourself again, you will realise there was no love in the relationship ever, it just felt so, the disfunction felt like love because of the inner child wounding being mirrored.

Whereas there can also be platonic karmic relationships.. some people have a very triggering relationship with their family, friends, roommates. Why? They are karmic relationships too. They trigger you until you learn to set strong Boundaries and to love yourself. In platonic karmic relationships, once the karmic lessons are learnt, you can choose if you still want to sustain the relationship.

Empaths usually have karmic relationship with Narcissists. Narcissists can not change but yet they push Empaths to the path of self-love. Once the empaths learn self-love, they automatically become Narcissist repellent.

Non-empath people can also have Karmic relationships with each other, karma is resolved once the lessons are learnt on both sides.

Is there any way to escape karmic relationships?
YES, By doing your inner child work, to address all your childhood & past traumas, with help of therapy, healing, self-love and Spirituality. This is why you would see some people going into the same types of relationships again and again, and finally, they break the cycle for good, because they heal themselves.

P.S. If you are facing abuse, you need to exit immediately. Don’t suffer for Spiritual bypassing.

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