Starseed, do not hide your true identity out of fear

I am one with the source and I was born to help humanity.
I love and long for my star system home. I feel like an alien here and the feeling never goes away. Because I know I am different. Everyone knows I am different.

When I talk about my identity, people think I am talking about aliens.
But then they forget that they have done enough to alienate me anyway, even before I revealed my identity.
They already know, coz excluding any Starseed has nothing to do with their identity, it’s all about energy.

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Life is a journey

Life is a journey. Some days you are gonna meet people who share the same path as you. Some days you are gonna meet people who don’t.

Some days you enjoy the present, some other days you plan the future, some days you miss the past.
Some days you will find the life to be very easy, other days to be so tough that you want to give up. It’s always going to be two steps forward, one step backwards.

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Throwback – Shimla

No filter. But the truth is it was not snowing, but I wanted a picture like that, so I got some snow on by myself. Clever.. ain’t I?

Just a throwback from my trip to Shimla two years back. It was the first-ever trip with my sister @priya_gupta025. Hell lot of joy for me & some tiredness for her, as she does not have that much stamina to walk miles after her accident in 2014. Back then I thought I lost her, but God bless. The most loving person in my life, who has been a best friend since I was 4 and she was somewhere around 3.  We love each other to the moon and back, even parents don’t get to interfere in this relationship. 

Now I remember all the best memories of my life. One being, dancing with my sister after coming back from school, for hours with music cassettes playing on an old fashioned tape recorder. Sometimes, there used to be weddings in a marriage hall in our neighbourhood and we used to dance on those beats in our home. Tell me in the comment section, what’s your best childhood memory?

My quarantine time has started going well now. Life ek lambi chutti ki tarah lagti hai, a vacation that I negotiated for myself and it’s working. I enjoy the morning, the night, rains, moonlight, sunlight, food, Netflix, music, sleeping and everything that life brings me. Haven’t felt this grateful and lively for a long time.

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3 Flight booking sites / apps you should start using in India 

I know all of us already know about Goibibo, MakeMyTrip, Yatra and ClearTrip. But I’m not going to talk about these.
Here we are going to talk about few rising travel booking sites and apps which are trustworthy and are giving some awesome discount offers. ‘Trustworthy’ , because I have used this sites personally. 🙂

So let’s start with the list, the first two are my favorites 🙂

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25 Delicious Insta-worthy Foods you should definitely try in Rajasthan with cost | 2020

If you are travelling to Rajasthan, you must try the following traditional Rajasthani dishes. The cuisine is full of recipes which are spicy, sweet and sour at the same time to fulfill your taste buds. These are the 25 dishes, which are favorites of everyone in the state and if you are a Rajasthani, you are already drooling. And don’t you worry, I have update the prices for 2020.

I have tried to mention all the best dishes from Rajasthan with cost, but if your favorite dish is still missing, please comment. I am new to blogging, so if you really like this post, please Like and Share 🙂

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