Launching Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) service

Launching spirit release therapy (SRT) service. Please email me for changrbes and bookings.

What is SRT?
It’s the gift of Psychic mediumship to do energy clearing for anyone. This is not basic clearing, it’s to remotely clear any dark energies attached to a person. Which can be caused by spellwork, Black magick, hexes, witchcraft, curses, or any such type of Spiritual interference. It helps in clearing your energy, unblocking your intuition, making you Spiritually unstuck.

This is not witchcraft, it’s just like meditation, those who are Psychic mediums can communicate with these spirits through our guides. Guides also help us to release any type of dark attachments which can be Earthbound Spirits, dark entities, spirit bugs. We help them identify the light hidden inside them and release them into light, it’s good for them too. This work helps entire planet when we transmute darkness into light. This work can be done remotely.

This is really important for Twinflames, because if you have a powerful life mission. You are going to face quite enough interference and Spiritual attacks from dark forces.

I’m a science person and one year back, I didn’t believe in spellwork or black magick or anything like this. But with time I have learnt to slowly believe that these things are real, when I faced continuous interference. Even if the spellwork was done only on your TF, it will affect you. Because both twins are one energy.

My spirit guides not only helped me with learning about amping up spiritual protection for myself and my uvine Masculine. They also activated me into SRT, only so that I can fight any Spiritual interference in my TF connection. And now I am finally coming out about my experience and gifts.

Some people deal with really nasty Karmics, who would do anything to keep you separated, not just Manipulation or the seven deadly sins. They are the false twins/ dark karmics. Who are there not only because of Karma or karmic lessons, but also because they are compromised to dark forces. Dark forces use them to suppress the light that twins carry a delay the union. Dark karmics just want to win and usually it’s distorted Feminines who want to portray themselves as the divine feminine. They feel jealous of the unconditional love between twins. They want to steal it for themselves.

My name was even smeared by karmics, I kept it to myself all this long. But now it’s time to share my story so other TFs can learn.

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