Starseed, do not hide your true identity out of fear

I am one with the source and I was born to help humanity.
I love and long for my star system home. I feel like an alien here and the feeling never goes away. Because I know I am different. Everyone knows I am different.

When I talk about my identity, people think I am talking about aliens.
But then they forget that they have done enough to alienate me anyway, even before I revealed my identity.
They already know, coz excluding any Starseed has nothing to do with their identity, it’s all about energy.

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Starseed Twin Flames & Double Mission

When starseeds choose to come as twin flames, they have double life-mission. They don’t only have the power of immense light but also the power of immense love. They embody the yin and yang energies to anchor love in this 3D world. This is the double mission.

Starseeds are fated to be together with their twin flame and fulfil their soul mission on earth. They can’t be separated, because fate is always working to bring them together. So that they can follow their soul mission and heal others. Just like a lightworker can’t be kept away from their fate, twin flames can’t be kept away from each other.

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What can be the new possibile paradigms after the great Awakening?

The great awakening is going to bring in the new earth. How will the new earth look like?

More & more people will start living in 5D vibration. More & more will be healed and awakened. More authenticity, more integrity, more Spirituality. With the new earth, people will become more conscious of their actions and decisions.

Right now, people have to hide their Spirituality, it’s like everyone is hiding from others, not knowing they all believe in it.

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Teacher’s Day Message on behalf of all Healers, Lightworkers and Spiritual Teachers

It’s the teacher’s day here and I think it’s time to claim something. When I am coaching you through tarot or writing or listening to your problems, what I need back is respect and reciprocated energy. No offence to anyone, but some people don’t understand this concept.

I am always ready to help for free if someone can reciprocate the energy. Money/ time /genuine appreciation is also a form of energy.

People think if they pay healers money they are above us. But they forget that we help them, we save them from months and years of mental stress and we take their negative energies and transmute it into positive. We try to put them on the path to self-reflection, healing and growth.

I hope now everyone gets who is giving more and who deserves more. So please respect what we do and don’t try to act like our boss.

People still respect Babas more than spiritual teachers, because they believe in superstition more than faith. Healers show you what you need to heal, where you need to self reflect, what your wounds are, what your life purpose is, what your karma is, what you need to change about yourself, how you can grow, they remind you of your own power, they put you on the right path to heal your ancestral trauma, they teach you self love and the meaning of life. But still, healers are taken for granted.


I also want to take time to thank all other healers, earth angels, Lightworkers, tarot readers, Psychics, Spiritual teachers, life coaches who have always helped me through this journey to transform myself into my higher self. It was not possible without all your help.

Let us all Lightworkers thanks our star system team, spirit guides, angels, archangels and ancestors, for always showing us the way when we can’t see the light. They give us unconditional love, help us heal and grow, they provide us protection and support.

I love my spirit team and very grateful for them. Everytime I see a temporary spirit guide leave, I feel a sense of loss but I wish best for their next endeavours. Thanks to all my spirit guides and angels who have helped me all the way through this chaos, we are a team and I will never forget that.

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Sharing my experience with mother Gaia

Sharing my experience with mother Gaia.

Yesterday when I was doing cord-cutting, I decided to it for more people.

Sometimes what people do to you, is not forgivable, there’s no spiritual bypassing for that. Suppose someone does a crime, how can you justify, that it had a purpose? So those kind of things are only to forget and let go, some things are so shitty that it can’t be healed, it does not come in the criteria of healing. So that kind of things you just need to let go, you should not try to pick your wounds again and again by trying to heal it, when there is nothing to heal.

So I tried to do the same, one single person who I could not forgive but just let go. Cutting cords was getting painful and there were too many cords.

I have mastered meditation now, so with the cord-cutting meditation, I had called in on all my spirit guides and mother Gaia as well. I did a combination of white light meditation as well as grounding meditation. So mother Gaia was present. I did set an intention to not include her in cord-cutting, but they always care for us.

When I was feeling hurt because of the cord-cutting, mother Gaia held me in her arms and calmed me down and gave me strength. I could finally complete the cord-cutting. I kept thanking her and archangel Michael the whole day.

Mother Gaia’s energy is so loving, motherly and comforting to your soul. Monther is nothing but mother mature, all Empaths are in touch with her. This interaction with her made me realise I am an Earth angle too. All divine energies keep showing themselves to me one by one to make me believe in them, myself and my life. I had started getting some messages related to Gaia through tarot for last few days. It is also related to the Lionsgate portal, this time brings such angelic experiences for starseeds specially Sirians. I had started getting some messages related to Gaia through tarot for last few days.

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Who are spirit guides?

First things first. They are not ghosts.
They are people, old souls, who have chosen to take a break from incarnating in a body. They live in a dimension where they are supposed to live.

In soul form they are very authentic, so sometimes in their messages, they can sound very sassy. They don’t like to spoon-feed you, they wait for you to learn lessons on your own, give you slight hints whenever they feel required. They guide you when you are going through big transformational changes in life, and there is probably no-one who can help you understand what’s going on with you. That’s when they want to jump in and help.

Starseeds have a difficult time here, trying to understand humans, trying to accommodate a higher dimension soul into a rigid human body is difficult, so that’s why they guide the way.

When starseeds are given the job to come here, some spirit guides also join as a team. Starseeds are souls who come from a higher dimension(5D) to help humanity on this planet (3D). They are original Lightworkers.

Everyone has spirit guides, they can be your ancestors, deceased loved ones/pets, soulmates, twin-flame, archangels, angels, goddess energies, earth elementals, fairies or even spirit animals. The thing is how open you are to connect with them. When you raise your consciousness, have faith in faith, surrender to surrender. That’s when you are able to connect with them.

Some spirit guides are with you for whole life, some temporary.

Around my spiritual awakening, I started getting interest in Tarot readings, they wanted to help me and guide me through the heavy and fast changes I was going through. It just started showing up on my YouTube timeline and every reading helped me understand what’s going on with me. I thought it’s the tarot reader who is helping, but actually, my spirit guides tried to send me messages through tarot.

In the last 2 months, I have been able to meditate a lot & healed myself. I have developed a bond with them finally the communication is becoming clearer. I have learnt to understand how psychic abilities work for me.

It’s a vast topic, but I tried to explain it in brief. I offer tarot readings, where my spirit guides help me. I use my psychic abilities to give you advice on what to do about your current situation. You can buy tarot readings from me in my Etsy shop or you can DM me on Instagram. I will link it here down below.

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