Questioning everything – The Puzzle Pieces

I still feel attached to how people were in the last timeline, so I am just trying to write with indifference. I’m still in the middle of healing.

Even when I had not realised about the timeline shift, I noticed few changes in my parents and also in my sister, even if we were talking only on call. It was just a few times. I used to think, may be they are stressed because of work or maybe growing old and changing with time. But everytime I did ask myself, why are they behaving so different. And then I would choose to not take stress about it as usual and focus on my routine, work, blog, Twinflame connection, healing etc.

When I realised my Twinflame has lost memories of me, I had so much anxiety already that I could not care to think about anything else. All I could think about is why and how and some self-care.

If it was not for my father’s accident, I would not have realised. The universe put me in isolation and universe brought me out of the isolation. It was time for me to get outside my comfort zone and see the world as it is.

Even my extended family has changed, both mother line and father line. Everyone has a different Shadow side now. They all have shadow sides but are different to the last timeline. Which I realised only while taking help from them to help during the crisis. It was a tough time.

When I came to my hometown, it was a completely different world. I somehow landed in a male dominant society. Which makes sense because it’s a small town. But it’s not my vibration, I stopped manifesting low vibrational people in my life long back. Everywhere I go, people gaslight me, for no particular reason, even strangers gaslight me. Because now I had new wounds in my energy with this new timeline. As I healed those wounds, it’s manifesting better people now.

This is where I started thinking to myself what the hell is happening. It was a minor injury, my father was already home, taking bed rest, by the time I reached home. The next two days I spent in taking care of my parents. I’m the pillar everywhere, I have to be the support system for everyone. I was also tired after travelling, but I was already observing. I knew something has changed. In the last one month, when I was trying to figure out what happened in my Twinflame connection, it prepared me for more shockers.

Now starts the challenging times. Since my dad was still on bed rest. The first person I observed was my mom. I started asking about her experiences and life history and I knew it was different from what I was told in the last timeline. Only I remember the last timeline, but my memory is very sharp, no need to doubt it.

I started opening up about it, that I think timeline shift has also affected my family dynamics, not just my Twinflame connection.

Then I thought of how my extended family is also acting so different. Then I tried to figure out more family history. Everyone has such different opinions of each other. It’s like familiar life events to the last timeline, but a different story, a different narrative, a different Shadow attached to it.

My dad had not recovered completely, but he is so different in both timelines, it wasn’t unnoticeable. My dad has been my best friend all my life. I had the closest relationship with my dad and my divine masculine, two Masculine Energies that were my support system.

Now I had to wait for his recovery, to start talking about things. When we talked, it was again the same. My dad also changed like my mom.

With time I realised, there are some life events which are also different. Some things that happened in the first timeline never occurred in the second timeline.

It didn’t take more than a week for me to reach the conclusion. I knew a timeline shift has occurred here too. The only thing left to do was to figure out what all has changed. But the first thing that hit me was Grief. First I was only regretting coming home for two years when my dad met the accident. Now I was regretting not coming home for two years. How would it feel knowing I have my best friend has changed now, my dad who was with me through every thick and thin. We used to heal together, ascend together. And the feeling of being abandoned by everyone. Because so many people that I had connections with, are gone, just like that.

The first lesson I learnt is to let go of expectations to how people are. People change, some change with time, some change with circumstances, some change by choice. You can not hold them so tightly that it hurts you. It’s was time to let go.

Sometimes I would deny the timeline shift, thinking that they still behave the same. Sometimes I would try to comfort myself thinking a timeline shift would happen again and everything will be back to normal. Sometimes I would cry missing how things used to be. I had only few friends to depend on. Old friends still remember my family’s last timeline.

The whole month, I kept observing everything and everyone. I’m an INFJ. My empath side was affected and so was my mind. I was curious and I had to find out my new ancestral patterns for my mission work. So that I could heal myself and also improve my Twinflame connection. I have all the memories of the old timeline and zero memories of the new timeline. The only thing that I could rely on for survival, was my intuition. Family narratives, it’s something that everyone would tell you a different story from their perspective, you have to use your discernment.

I would observe my parents every day. Sometimes I thought maybe they have exchanged their shadow sides. Sometimes I thought they still have the same light and shadow sides. But most of the time I would reach the conclusion, that Nahh they are different, very different. These people like spicy food for some reason 😅, these days everyone is having less spicy food because of me. Imagine your family changing their eating habits suddenly.

My Twinflame connection had also entered a new Karmic cycle at the same time, when I came home. I was being triggered from all sides, for some more days. Conflicts with my family and conflicts with my Twinflame. But that helped me, to identify my wounding and patterns. All the core wounds are same in both timelines but I could see deeper layers of my trauma, on the basis of how it manfiested in my reality. Some wounds are the same in both timelines but I had disassociated it, in the old timeline too. Some wounds, I remember like flashes of memory of the second timeline. It all seems very foggy to me.

If my Twinflame connection wasn’t there to trigger me, I won’t have been able to analyse my own patterns. Because I don’t remember any wounds in this timeline, I just have reactions in my energy body to those wounds. 8 months back, I was awakened and healed, I don’t even want to react to anything, but somehow my ego takes over and still reacts to the wounds that I don’t even remember. All the 8 months, I always end up talking to myself about why am I reacting. Spirit guides also helped me to understand some wounds and patterns, but without spoon-feeding.

After understanding my parents, I had do Boundary setting with them. And with almost everyone in my life after understanding myself. because we are different people now, who require new sets of boundaries, otherwise we would have had never ending conflicts. Finally I had some kind of peace in my life.

That was the time when I could have focused on soul searching on what to do next and how to heal from this tragic timeline shift. But the dark karmic did so much spellwork, for 2 entire months, she was trying to stop time by using witchcraft. To delay the Twinflame union and to stop the ending in the Karmic connection.

We also had some more karmic cycles to play out in my Twinflame connection. Finally, the universe gave me time to breathe, to do soul searching. I was already focused on self-care and taking rest. Then my twinflame’s higher self started connecting with me. The higher self wasn’t blocked anymore from connecting with me. He knew, that particular week is going to be hard for me. So he started showing me signs and a lot of songs that reminded me of him. It triggered me, when DM finally reaches out to DF, at first the DF gets triggered. And I was getting communitcation after 8 months. There was also a tower moment in 3D to trigger me into dark night of the soul. This is when I tried to connect with my twinflame’s higher self in meditation. In two days, I found myself in a dark night of the soul. It took me time to realise that my twinflame’s higher self was already here, before tried to call him.

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