What is divine feminine energy?

I have mentioned about the era of the rise of the feminine. But being a divine feminine is not about being a feminist.

A divine feminine balances her own inner feminine and masculine energy.

Divine feminine energy is the Shakti energy, the fire, the life force, the creative energy of the universe.

Divine feminine energy is all about flow and freedom. It’s only to be protected not to be controlled.

She nurtures, but she is also a warrior who defends and protects. She surrenders but she also leads. She is sensitive but she is also strong. She loves unconditionally but she also fights for herself. She heals but she also destroys and transforms what doesn’t serve her anymore. She is in touch with her emotions, but she is also a detached Spiritual warrior.

Divine feminine sits on her throne and takes shit from nobody, literally nobody. She never lets anyone dim her light.

Divine feminine is all about self-love, strength and authenticity. It takes inner work, healing & awakening to be able to embody divine feminine energy.

Divine feminine stands in her power, holds the light for everyone, follows her intuition, embodies receptivity. She creates and manifests abundance all around her.

She is not a demsel in distress waiting to be saved.

Only her divine Masculine can perfectly match the divine feminine. He balances his own inner feminine and masculine energy. He loves her for her inner beauty and warrior spirit. He protects her but he also knows she is well capable of fighting her own battles. She lights the way for her divine Masculine on the twin flame journey. Both counterparts cooperate and work together to take leads one by one, to balance each other. They believe in each other to go through the twin flame journey together. And that’s how twin flames help in the rise of the feminine.

Unhealed people operate from distorted feminine and/or distorted Masculine energy (doesn’t depend on gender).

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I am personally bored with women trying to imitate me. People are getting it completely wrong. The divine feminine is an energy, it’s not about pretending, it’s about being, it’s about radiating the energy from within.

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