All about Third party situations in a Twin Flame connection

All twin flames are high vibrational souls who come here with a spiritual mission. All Lightworkers always go through a lot of struggles, to overcome oppression and step into their true power. Twin flames also go through the same, but their journey is more complicated in context of the connection.

Divine Feminine (or Masculine whoever wakes up first), understands the connection completely and shows unconditional love towards their twin from starting. But the other twin comes in unhealed, who’s awakening is still due. Once they awaken to this connection, union happens. But what happens till union is separation.

The separation which is caused by third parties, the third party doesn’t have to be their current partner, it can be anything. Their ego, shadow, self-limiting beliefs, addictions, codependency, fears, ancestral trauma, friends, family, career, age/religion/location/financial restrictions, ex’s, married partners, new partner, Narcs, manipulators. It can be anything or anyone that disapproves of the connection & keeps the twins away from each other.

So if they are meant to be together, why do they have such a challenging journey? They choose the journey, just like every lightworker chooses its journey and mission.

What’s the benefit? Every karmic tie that the twins face as resistance, is here to teach them self love, self worth, strength and importance of the twin flame connection. To make them realise that they are each other’s light.

I am a twin flame, and we kept separating for 4 last incarnations even after being married only to fulfil our duty or even by death. This time we are clearing all the past life karma, childhood trauma, ancestral trauma and past wounds, before coming together in sacred union.

If a twin flame/lightworker was always oppressed by society, their soul wants to have the same journey again to finally experience this time how it feels to overcome oppression and stepping into their own divine power.

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