My karmic lessons behind it

Every Twinflame receives communitcation, guidance and signs from both their counterpart’s 3D self and higher self, through out the journey. We are always working with each other’s higher self.

You are always in union with your Twinflame’s higher self. There is no sepration in higher dimensions.

In my case, it’s just that somehow the communitcation suddenly opened up after a long time, when I was about to give up hope. And my DM’s higher self specifically showed that he remembers everything, even if he doesn’t remember it in 3D.

But it’s not like his higher self had disappeared for 8 months, if there was any spirit guide who was guiding me all this time, he would be the first spirit guide.

I had some Karmic lessons to learn, when that was done. His higher self was finally allowed to step in and give me answers to “why”. It’s like he had to wait long enough, so that I would finish my lessons.

People think that a runner is just running and chaser is just chasing unconsciously. It’s not like that. Every Twinflame connection is divinely guided. Both higher self’s know, what they are doing in 3D. This is why it’s called the dance of Yin and Yang.

Twinflames are ascended souls, who’s higher self know what they are going to do in 3D, so that they can heal, clear ancestral karma, initiate their Spiritual gifts and serve their life purpose.

We are allowed to look into our soul contracts only as much as we are supposed to know, at the present moment. My Karmic lesson was to learn to feel complete on my own without my divine masculine’s support. The timeline shift also happened for deeper layers of ancestral healing.

I was learning the lesson slowly, in past few weeks. So a tower moment in my Twinflame connection in 3D, as well as communitcation in 5D started together. Everything happened as it should have been.

This dark night of soul has also opened up some more gifts for me. The gift of music and more skills as a healer. Now I can help even more people who gave gone through the same things that I went through.

My divine masculine never left me, he had to step back so that I could grow. Just like a mother bird pushes it’s baby birds so that they can learn to fly.

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