Why do you love your Twinflame

People ask me why do you love your Twinflame?

Twinflames search all their life, for someone to understand them. And then they find the one who shares the same wounds, even pain becomes beautiful. They heal each other, a true companion. Once you have tasted true love, you can’t settle for anything conditional.

That’s how Twinflames are made. First you are given trauma for earth healing and then you are given a companion to share it with.

When you spent all your life being scapegoated, bullied and being made fun of, treated as an outcast. You know the value of that one person who understands and accepts you unconditionally. Now you are a team of two outcasts ready to take on all the obstables.

And it’s not trauma bonding. Twinflame seperation happens only for the purpose of healing so that trauma bond can be over. Twinflame connection has so much intensity that it can end up in codependency.. But it doesn’t, because universe makes sure to create enough tower moments for seperation as well.

Both flames are healers themselves who can heal. It’s different from a Karmic connection, you may share same wounds and patterns but if one or both people heal, then the Karmic connection simply ends. Unlike a Twinflame connection that comes into union.

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