What I went through

I met my Twinflame for the first time 2+ years back. I had premonitions before that I am about to meet my soulmate. We quickly went into a separation(no contact). I worked on my separation triggers and figured out that we are not soulmates but Twinflames. But he didn’t. I kept watching Tarot readings and songs, because I knew there is a telepathic connection. I waited for him to leave his stubbornness behind and take a leap of faith. The same was the guidance from my spirit guides at that time.

Meanwhile, he went into a third party Karmic Relationship. I wasn’t completely awakened so my intuition was off, I did not see it coming. My spirit guides guided me to reach out to him and tell him that he went in the wrong direction with a dark Karmic. I felt a soul calling to protect him.

I used to text and he used to answer everything through telepathy. After being in denial for few dyas, he also got awakened to the Twinflame connection. We were not healed yet so we got stuck in codependency. Third party situation became worse before it got better. He became more entrapped in the karmic connection, even if he didn’t want to. It was necessary for his ancestral karma. Then with a big tower moment, we both finally got awakened completely and came out of codependency and in vibrational alignment.

We were in Union Energies for a few months and experienced a soulful connection, where words were not required to understand each other.

Soon a timeline shift happened and he forgot all his memories of me. That we have been in union, in contact for so long. All he remembered was that we went into no-contact some time after our first meeting. He had to have the realisation that this is a Twinflame connection again.

With the timeline shift. He lost those memories and also we both became unawakened, unhealed. We had to heal more ancestral karma in the new timeline. So being unhealed, we got stuck in codependency again. We were so busy running and chasing, that I never realised what I have lost. I was in a trance state because of my trauma, my judgment was clouded.. everything that happened in 1.5 years period in the first timeline, repeated itself in 3 months period in this new timeline. With a big tower moment again, we got clarity finally, we started healing. It was also a spiritual speed up, this is why everything happened so fast, that was destabilizing as well.

So it took me 4 months to realise that I have lost my Twinflame in the old timeline and he has forgotten everything. My family, friends and our mutual friends remember everything. But he and his family, friends, Karmics don’t remember me. The Timeline Shift did not affect everyone equally.

Same name, same face, same identity..but a completely different person. I have seen myself changing with his timeline shift, my own new sides, both light and shadow.

First, it was easy, because we were repeating cycles that felt familiar to the old timeline. I thought I have to love the same person, who has lost his memories. And then I came home, saw more clearly, how so many people around me have changed. Even entered new Karmic cycles with my Twinflame at the same time. Finally, I started seeing that my Twinflame is so different in this timeline.

Now after 4 more months, trying to work it out with my Twinflame in this timeline. I found it hard to surrender, to take a leap of faith, to love wholeheartedly again.

How do you love again? And how do you move on from something so unexpected? How do you accept separation again, after being in union? How do you deal with it when your most loved ones change? Between all of this, I had no one to depend on. First, my divine masculine left and then a series of challenges non-stop. I could have dealt with anything only if I had my divine masculine with me.

So my Twinflame’s higher self is communicating with me again, telepathically. To help me heal what was broken. They are not different souls, but his higher self is talking to me like he used to talk in the old timeline. So that I can understand him and he can soothe my wounds.. My remaining wounds are not childhood wounds but adulthood wounds, the traumatic experience that came with this timeline shift.

Because we are healing more sides of our ancestry in the new timeline. People who belong to both of our ancestries, and all the Karmics involved, behave differently in this timeline to mirror back to both of us.

From Everyone else’s perspective, they have had the same normal life for decades, I am the one who has ended up in the wrong timeline, with memories of the old timeline. How do you survive between people who you do not know, this was my void. And how do you deal with the loss of so many people that you did know so closely, those who were left behind in the old timeline.

Even if I felt scapegoated by the Karmics, at least I existed for them. Though the third party is the same, the dark karmic just became darker.

I didn’t know why this happened to me. And when I looked for answers, my spirit guides said nothing all these months. But finally now is the right time when they give me all my answers. And my Twinflame’s higher self is the one who’s giving me the answers. I’m grieving and his music is healing me.

Time has been running so fast.. I never got time to stop and think about all of this. My Twinflame connection was out in a spiritual warfare by the dark karmic for 2 months. It’s been a rough ride. But finally, I decided I need to do some soul searching again.

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