If you try to dive deep into your mind, you will find all your answers within.

Just like I had a knowing that I’m Twinflame, just like I knew since childhood that there is someone out there, made just for me.

I had knowing about the timeline shift too. Not exactly like this. But the feeling that one day he will be gone and I will to fulfil our life purpose alone.

When I was listening to his music this week, I wanted to add one more song. A song that I heard in schooltime, an old Bollywood movie which was my favourite for years.. when I tried to put how I feel in a song, that was the only song that came to my mind.

Even when we were in Union, all his songs still had the longing. Now when I look back, I can understand what was trying to show up in his music. Even my favourite songs had the longing.

We both always knew a timeline shift would happen. Or a separation of this kind would happen, which will change my life.

It’s like something that you know, is about to happen. But you can’t figure out what’s wrong, until it has already happened.

Only while looking back you realise, that in the depths of your mind, you always knew, what your soul contract with your Twinflame is..

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