What can be the new possibile paradigms after the great Awakening?

The great awakening is going to bring in the new earth. How will the new earth look like?

More & more people will start living in 5D vibration. More & more will be healed and awakened. More authenticity, more integrity, more Spirituality. With the new earth, people will become more conscious of their actions and decisions.

Right now, people have to hide their Spirituality, it’s like everyone is hiding from others, not knowing they all believe in it.

Everything that doesn’t serve humanity, those systems will be broken and new systems will be established. Systems of corruption, systems of opinions & judgements, systems of disfunction, systems of false traditions, systems of matriarchy, systems of patriarchy, systems of misuse of power, systems of controlling & abusing the feminine energy. Everything will start shifting to how the systems should have been.

People will be more conscious, hence they will be their authentic self. There will be no more false foundations. People will make their choices for the higher good of humanity. People will get married for a higher purpose, not to just settle down. People will choose true love, not society’s restrictions. There will be more conscious couples and less dysfunctional families. Future generations will not have to suffer childhood trauma to this extent. More happy childhoods, less abuse, less hunger, less poverty.

Better childhoods will give happy joyful lives for everyone. Less Narcissism, less depression, less mental health issues. More confident people, happy people and joyful people. Joyful people who will have happy Relationships.

I know it’s a big goal, but good visions are always worth holding. And there are lakhs of starseeds equally distributed on earth to turn it into reality one day.

More starseeds will breakfree, more will come out. More they will share their gifts. More people will be healed and awakened. With every starseed that awakens, thousand of humans will awaken. With every twin flame union, thousands will be healed.

Change is inevitable, earth has chosen to rise it’s consciousness.

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