Twin Flame Separation

I know, my engineering did not go to waste. 😉🤟🏻

A twin flame connection is between the Divine feminine, Divine masculine and the Divine itself. It’s a sacred soul connection, two loyal hearts that love each other for infinite lifetimes.

But being on the earthly plain, not only the uncertainty but the blockages also add to the separation. Sometimes the blockage is not your healing or Awakening, but circumstances.

It’s usually karmic people who try to interfere in a soul connection..some people even do it deliberately because they just know it’s a twin flame connection and they are jealous. They live karmic life themselves and so they don’t want anyone else to step up to true love.

Misery loves company and miserable people want others to be miserable too. It comes from such a place of apathy and conditioning that people can’t understand, why would they want someone else to experience the same suffering, that they have been through.

In 3D, people perceive it as if a person’s twin flame is a blockage between them. But is it really? They are the same soul.. they are not standing between anyone, they are one for eternity. No matter how much the world tries to tear twin flames apart from each other in the physical realm. They keep coming back together beyond time, space and incarnations. But people can’t understand, a connection that is so unbreakable that even death can’t challenge, can not be challenged by anything else.

In 5D, it’s always people who are standing between the connection, trying to become a blockage unaware or aware, creating karma accordingly for themselves. They only create more challenges for twin flames, without realising they are helping them ascend even more. Just be grateful to such people!!

Twin flame connection has nothing to do with any external people but only the divine. Twin flames are always together in spirit, no one can change the truth. And the truth is separation is an illusion. Separation is a blessing, it awakens and helps in ascension so that the sacred union can happen.

Anything that tries to come between a divine plan, ends up being a blessing. There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to divine missions.

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