What can be the new possibile paradigms after the great Awakening?

The great awakening is going to bring in the new earth. How will the new earth look like?

More & more people will start living in 5D vibration. More & more will be healed and awakened. More authenticity, more integrity, more Spirituality. With the new earth, people will become more conscious of their actions and decisions.

Right now, people have to hide their Spirituality, it’s like everyone is hiding from others, not knowing they all believe in it.

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We said goodbyes not knowing it would be the last.
We said goodbyes and with that goodbye,
I remembered all the times we had said goodbyes to each other.
I remembered every time we met and separated.

We met like Romeo and Juliet, like star-crossed lovers
I still remember the first moment we locked our eyes
The first moment we saw each other in this human form
We separated with a promise that you will come back
But life took me away from you
I hated everyday that I had to live without you
And then one day I gave up on life to see you again.

We were young children giving each other company when we had no one else to look up to.
And we said goodbye. We never met again cause I left this world.

We met again, this time I had to leave you all by yourself to protect you, I had to sacrifice our love to protect you.
We said goodbye again. I returned after all those years of pain, but I had already lost you. I sat there with the regret of leaving you, watching the storm come towards me.

We met again this time you had to leave for the wars, we said goodbye again.
I waited whole my life for you to come back till my last breath and I left with a hope to see you again.

We met again, both been torn by this world already, both fighting our demons.
I tried to be your light and you tried to be mine. But we said goodbye.
I look at the moon and I wonder,
would we ever be able to stop saying goodbyes.
It happened again, we got stuck in the dark,
I wonder if its better to say Goodbyes.
You did it, you fought the darkness for us
And I don’t have doubts anymore.
This time I will not only live you till my dying day
But I will be with you till my dying day.
There’s won’t be any sad Goodbyes anymore.


I am a twin flame and this is pretty much my entire love story for 5 incarnations. He’s my muse and I can’t stop myself from writing about him

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Mass consciousness and Starseeds

Since the time I have started posting about limited belief systems, relationships, defending, true empowerment, attachments. I feel a lot of negative energies coming my way. Even more people & relationships are shedding out of my life. I was trying to understand why it is happening again after I had already cut toxic people off. The answer is –

“I am not only stepping into being an empowered human, but also an empowered lightworker. Some people are going to be incredibly threatened to see me in my power, also because they have seen me being the ordinary person that I was.”

This message came a few days back from my spirit guides. I have to keep walking my path that is true to my soul and to not give in to the distractions. I am finding my own truth and moving away from mass consciousness. People who are still stuck in the same mass consciousness and thought forms, aren’t going to easily accept it.

Starseeds come here so that being an outsider, having experienced high vibrational dimensions. They can see what is wrong here on Earth, with the systems. Since everyone here is stuck in that mass consciousness, they never question it. Earthbound people find it completely normal, so there was a need for someone to come here from outside and show the light. This place needs an awakening, but there’s no one to initiate it, everyone finds it normal to be unawakened. And so it needed outsiders, the spirit could not initiate the awakening from outside, so starseeds had to come here live between us and show the light.

Starseeds do not align with current mass consciousness because they came here to transform it, into a higher consciousness.

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Sharing my experience with mother Gaia

Sharing my experience with mother Gaia.

Yesterday when I was doing cord-cutting, I decided to it for more people.

Sometimes what people do to you, is not forgivable, there’s no spiritual bypassing for that. Suppose someone does a crime, how can you justify, that it had a purpose? So those kind of things are only to forget and let go, some things are so shitty that it can’t be healed, it does not come in the criteria of healing. So that kind of things you just need to let go, you should not try to pick your wounds again and again by trying to heal it, when there is nothing to heal.

So I tried to do the same, one single person who I could not forgive but just let go. Cutting cords was getting painful and there were too many cords.

I have mastered meditation now, so with the cord-cutting meditation, I had called in on all my spirit guides and mother Gaia as well. I did a combination of white light meditation as well as grounding meditation. So mother Gaia was present. I did set an intention to not include her in cord-cutting, but they always care for us.

When I was feeling hurt because of the cord-cutting, mother Gaia held me in her arms and calmed me down and gave me strength. I could finally complete the cord-cutting. I kept thanking her and archangel Michael the whole day.

Mother Gaia’s energy is so loving, motherly and comforting to your soul. Monther is nothing but mother mature, all Empaths are in touch with her. This interaction with her made me realise I am an Earth angle too. All divine energies keep showing themselves to me one by one to make me believe in them, myself and my life. I had started getting some messages related to Gaia through tarot for last few days. It is also related to the Lionsgate portal, this time brings such angelic experiences for starseeds specially Sirians. I had started getting some messages related to Gaia through tarot for last few days.

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Poem – I choose

I choose.

I choose to be a fighter,
I choose to be a protector,
I choose to be a defender,
I choose to be a nurturer.

I choose to fight the wrong,
I choose to be the voice for justice,
I choose to make the noise,
I choose to be the change,
I choose to be fearless,
I choose to be unstoppable.

I choose to be a rebel, a dreamer, a truth teller, a way shower.
But first, I choose to be a human.

Today is the day when I cannot control my anger anymore. I have seen every kind of pain. Sometimes the pain and anger creeps in and gets on my nerves. Sometimes I wonder why me , why I always had breakthroughs in all those struggles. Then I realise it’s a life of destiny and I choose to take the call to be the voice.

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