BLAME – shadow attributes

I have talked about a lot of light attributes like compassion, empathy, unconditional love. Today let’s talk about a dark attribute, that is blame.

Whatever happens to us, we tend to or even love to project the blame outwards. Someone else is the cause of all our suffering.

We should not blame anything or anyone. Because everything outside of us, is a reflection of what is inside of us, the darkness inside us.

Everything and everyone is a mirror.

It’s just not a Starseed, a healer or a twin flame that mirrors us, it’s the whole world.

It’s just that high vibrational souls do the most, because with their intense light they show you every unhealed aspect of yourself, when you try to look at why you feel threatened by them. But at the same time I feel, low vibrational souls, the karmics, the abusers, the Narcissists also do the most. They trigger you to look at all your own shadow aspects for which you are still energetically entangled with them.

Every human that exists in your reality is mirroring you something, showing you something about yourself. If you learn the lessons, they disappear. If you repeat the cycles or fall back into old cycles to relearn already learnt lessons, the same type of people or situations will keep coming back to you.

There is nothing to blame in this whole universe, you are in control of your reality. You co-create with the universe.

Sometimes, even if you are a high vibrational soul, you may feel stuck or entangled in other people’s karma. But then you have a choice to move. When you vibe in your highest vibration and operate from your light side, even the universe can not keep you stuck.

Healing is a never-ending journey, but everyone reaches a point after which they can consciously choose to operate from their light side, not their shadow side.

It’s the highest vibration of being, when you embody and integrate your own higher self into reality. That’s when you love yourself enough, you become whole and free of all karmic entanglement.

Healing leads to awakening and awakening leads to integrating your higher self. Awakening is to see everything clearly, no more illusions out of our woundedness.

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