Why do people love it so much to become an obstacle in the path of starseeds?

Today is not the day when I realised this, its been years. And no matter how many obstacles came through, I persevered, old obstacles know it pretty well.

People say they don’t believe in starseeds and make fun that it’s some woo-woo stuff. But then the extra amount of hate that starseeds get, confirms that those people do believe it inside.

People pray to God to send them healing, forgiveness, love, truth, light, faith, life. People even pray for an angel to come their way and save them. And then God decides how he wants to answer their prayers. So sometimes God sends them his instruments, the healers.

These people were expecting something God likely to come their way but who came was just a human, a stubborn human.

People want to be healed & happy, but when the time comes to accept the healing. The paradox is the light that they prayed for, threatens them. The light that the healers holds within, the light that the healers shine on their wounds with the selfless purpose to heal them. They hate the light, because it illuminates their own darkness. People hate to self reflect and people hate change.

People also think how can a human claim to be so special. The truth is your true self is also as special as a Starseed but you have not discovered it yet or you have learnt to live in a mask. Second, people get offended, it’s just a reaction from their inner wounding.

People feel a deep satisfaction after being able to create hurdles for starseeds, that they are more powerful than a divine plan. What they don’t realise is, the universe lets those people do it because it wants starseeds to outgrow the obstacles and become stronger. The universe focuses on your ascension and making you stronger, if that’s the life path you have chosen.

How difficult is it for people to understand that they are becoming a blockage in a divine mission and they have to step back? But then if they could understand, starseeds won’t have been required to incarnate on earth at this time, to awaken those sleeping people.

P.S. Starseeds are here to help humanity in every way possible, selflessly. Respect them, support them, support their work.

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