Twin Flame Separation

I know, my engineering did not go to waste. 😉🤟🏻

A twin flame connection is between the Divine feminine, Divine masculine and the Divine itself. It’s a sacred soul connection, two loyal hearts that love each other for infinite lifetimes.

But being on the earthly plain, not only the uncertainty but the blockages also add to the separation. Sometimes the blockage is not your healing or Awakening, but circumstances.

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Lessons that I learnt form other healers & Lightworkers

People have been judging me for a few weeks now and I learnt to not give a shit about it, AGAIN.

People who think defending yourself is bad, people who think being in your power is bad, people who think knowing your worth is bad. What you hate about others, says a lot about you.

When you hate someone for speaking their own truth, or maybe sometimes for showing you your truth, it shows how much you try to hide your own truth and to run away from it.

People who you think can become your friends, start falling out after sometime. You thought they could be your friend, but they can’t. That’s why I like to take few months before I get to see the real them, people manage to hide their real self in starting.

Also, people who think I am closed off because I am not open to new people. I am fulfilled with my connections, family and friendships at this time.

People get attached to Lightworkers, because they want to have a happy healthy caring person in their life, it’s like lightworkers attract people like moths to a flame, because people want to feed off of our energy. If I have space for only 4-5 friends in my life, but some 50 people want me in their life. And I start making room to take everyone in, where I don’t even need them, only they need me, that would be a great mess for everyone.

This is what all lightworkers need to know, people not only want to have you in their life, but they hold onto you for dear life, and that can be very suffocating for someone who practices unconditional love. Learn to say no when you just don’t want something, it’s not always necessary to give a reason.

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Don’t Betray Yourself

There’s this thing called self-deception, which means self-betrayal.

Some people are going to betray you, sometimes life is going to betray you. But when you start betraying yourself, you also betray people who truly care for you. This brings hell lot of betrayal, so always be careful to not betray yourself.

To betray yourself means to not listen to your own intuition, to self-sabotage and to not let yourself move towards happiness, to give yourself excuses to stay in toxic situations with wrong people. Basically, you remove yourself from moving towards your own true happiness.

Always be true to yourself, that makes your soul happy. It’s your choice if you want to sacrifice or not, but always know the right reason why you are doing it. Because it may not take long until you realise your mistake.

When you love yourself completely, you are always ready to take a leap of faith towards your own happiness. This is a part of self-love to be truly authentic and true to yourself.

Thank you for reading it till the end. If you have any queries, let me know in the comment section.

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