Divine Sacred Love

There are so many types of worldly loves on this planet. Platonic love, romantic love, faithful love, loyal love, showoff love, materialistic love, conditional love, toxic love, abusive love.. we often talk about all of these, but rarely about sacred love.

True unconditional love is sacred, it’s divine, it’s pure.. it comes from the heavens and is protected by God himself.

Love is such a controversial topic. It’s the most important pillar in the foundation of life, yet so underrated.

People judge love, people shame love, people disrespect love, people even hate love. People try to create obstacles in the path of true lovers. But it’s only true love that fights all battles to reach its destiny.

I often wonder, since when did love become a thing so cheap, a thing to be judged??? Or perhaps I am asking the wrong question. It’s always been like this on the earthly plain. Perhaps people don’t even know the meaning of sacred love.

Twin flames hold the highest vibration of love, yet they go through so many obstacles to reach union. A union that is guided by God. People who incarnate with soul mission of helping humanity, they don’t operate from their own desires.  They are so connected to the divine, that God puts its desires in their souls.

People think twin flame love is selfish, that it only wants to achieve union. People even question how can twin flames be awakened if they are still looking for someone to complete them. What they don’t realise is, it’s only after awakening that a soul starts seeking its soul-love, it’s home. Only after awakening and connecting to the divine, a desire is engraved in them to experience the highest vibration of love with their divine counterpart.

Why would God give us desires to find love? Twin flame connection is a journey of sacrifice & selflessness, we transmute karma for other people on this planet. We can achieve sacred union only when we have transmuted the karma, that we volunteered to heal. So our desire to reach union, makes us do all the good work, that we signed up for.

The universe works in mysterious ways to fulfil its own desires. Fascinating.. isn’t it!!

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