Twin Flame or Karmic?

Is it a twin flame relationship or a karmic account? Let me explain how to find out.

People have created such a stigma around twin flame relationships. That sometimes when you are in a toxic relationship, you think that is also a twin flame. But sometimes it can be karmic which makes them your false twin flame.

Specially Empaths and codependents, if they fall in love with a Narcissist they tend to think it’s a soulmate or a twin flame. It happens because you don’t want to accept that what’s happening to you is abuse, because of love-bombing, cognitive dissonance, trauma bonding and parent child dynamic.

With time you will realise that it’s a Narcissist, because relationship with a Narc can not last a very long time, without the truth coming to the surface. Whereas twin flame relationships go into separation so both the people can heal and come back into a healthy relationship.

**If you are an empath, spiritual person or understand energies, it’s easy to figure out. When you say that you are made of each other and your soul feels it. What does it actually feel? I used to feel as if we are chained together. I am growing but I have to pull the other person with me, even if I have to slow down. The chain is nothing like an angelic chain or golden chain, it’s a heavy rusty iron chain. That’s a karmic relationship, where you haven’t learnt the lessons yet, which is keeping you stuck with them.

**Whereas if you think about your twin flame, you won’t feel any links like cords or chains. You just see that person as simply you. You know you both are the same soul. You don’t feel any cord but you know that there is a connection at every level. Even when you go through separation and triggering, you will still find there loving energy healing you in 5D.

Your twin flame is the one with whom you have been before also, in other lives/higher dimensions, so it feels like home. Usually, when you discuss about your life, you find out that theirs and your life have almost been through same templates.

Now, this is the part which creates confusion, do you understand them better since you know how tough your past was. Or are you with them because you think that, since you were both abused in the same way in past/childhood, so now you are a match. This is your wound-mate, not a soulmate.

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