Why Twin Flames are so unconventional?

Twin flames come in all sorts of unconventional templates, be it LGBTQ, religious differences, cultural differences, different societal beliefs, long distance by countries apart, third party situation, age gape and all cases possible.

Almost all twin flames are designed to incarnate in unconventional templates, it’s a part of their soul mission. To challenge everyone’s traditional belief about what real love is & to establish new paradigms for relationships. They challenge their own beliefs too, for rapid ascension. All twin flames all Lightworkers as well.

People question the righteousness of the connection according to the limited belief system they have been taught by society. That’s every Lightworker’s purpose to challenge the traditional human beliefs, to push them to the path of truth-seeking which can awaken them. Each twin flame challenges the unconsciousness around.

Sometimes the challenging part is nothing but people who deliberately try to interfere in a twin flame connection, to tear the lovers apart. People stay in toxic relationships calling it a soulmate connection, yet they question twin flames. After all, it’s every Lightworkers job to keep fighting the darkness and unconsciousness on the 3D plain. To illuminate the truth with love, light and faith.

But if fated for this lifetime, twin flames will come together, no matter what. It’s fate, the divine watches over all twin flame connections, because they are serving humanity & it’s important for the divine that their life purpose gets fulfilled for the highest good. When the time is right, every unconscious person who used to judge a twin flame, is also shown the truth by the divine. That “only love is real in all the worlds, everything else is just a mere illusion.” People live in illusions until they are awakened.

Twin flame connection isn’t just about two elements, but three. Divine feminine, divine masculine and the divine itself. It’s a spiritual love connection, a soul that has volunteered for this journey to serve the divine. & So all twin flames are guided, supported and protected by higher forces.

True love defies explanation.
True love transcends beyond time and space.

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