True Twin Flame Recognition Signs

Spirit makes sure that Twinflames meet each other with a lot of serendipity. Both are given sings before meeting, continues until the union. So I will talk about a few.

But there’s never a need for explanation, energy speaks it all. People be like how do you know it’s your twin flame and that shit is real. Like come on, don’t diss me. If you have seen a twin flame together even for a second, you know they are twin flames. Everyone knows, without a doubt, that they are made for each other.. even if you don’t know about the label, you know.

I was given a lot of signs, dreams & premonitions by my twin flame’s higher self before we met each other for the first time in 3D. (Earth is a plain of uncertainty and both twins cannot be awakened at the same time, one will always have to catch up to another.)

When I met my twin flame, I just needed a confirmation sign that yes, this is my soulmate, that I knew I am going to meet. I say soulmate because I didn’t know about twin flames back then. But as if I wasn’t given more signs, I was going to give up on my twin flame. Naah.. never.. ever.

We met with complete coincidence, I didn’t have a plan to be at a place, at that same time. It was serendipitous.

Even before we realised that we are twin flames, people started getting jealous of our friendship.

Animals & children are sensitive enough to energy and they also pick up on it. Pets always collect around twin flames when they are together.

As soon as they meet, they start pushing each other to their true life path. They will take every role possible to do it. They motivate, encourage, guide, mentor, heal, teach, all of it

When Twinflames come to talk about their whole life, they know they have been living exact same life, in two different corners of the world. They endure the same struggles and challenges in life, even before they meet each other.

They share the same values, same skills, same creativity, same potential & same life purpose.

When they are together, they anchor highest vibration to all their surroundings, they heal others without even knowing it. being around a twin flame is a blessing.

If you ever wondered what the magic was all about, it was #US 💫✨

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