The stuff that normal people struggle to understand the most about Twin Flames

People justify toxic as spiritual and spiritual as toxic.

People stay in toxic abusive relationships and justify it as past life karma. They even justify it as a karmic soulmate. There’s no such thing as a “Karmic Soulmate”. Either its a “Karmic” or a “Soulmate”. That’s just spiritual bypassing being misused to justify abuse.

Soulmates are your high vibrational match and that relationship can never be abusive. It’s a Dharmic connection, that is your soul family, people who are connected by a purpose.

Its possible to transform every relationship into a spiritual relationship, but that requires inner work & healing on both sides, otherwise it can’t become karma free.

People don’t understand how spiritual connections work. Normal people can’t understand the mirroring, triggering and healing that takes place in every twin flame journey.

There’s a difference between a trigger and a trauma. Twin flames are mirror souls of each other and hence they show each other the mirror and bring every past trauma (given by other people, not by their twin) that needs to be healed to surface.

Your twin flame is really like a flame, fire that burns all your fears, past wounds, patterns, traumas and karma.

Yes, it does become very heavy & stressful because of the number of triggers, when both go into their dark night of the soul at the same time. But its not abuse, its only intense.

It’s only because of the intensity of the high energetic connection, that divine keeps the twins separate until they are completely healed, awakened and feeling whole within. This is why all twin flames meet for enough time to recognise the soul connection and then they are forced into separation by the universe. This is a push and pull phase, when the dance between the Yin-Yang energy starts. With every step towards healing, they start coming into balance with each other for union.

But all this time whatever external people see happening is only an illusion, quite different from the truth. Even if twin flames trigger each other in 3D with tough love, their 5D higher self is always healing each other. In 5D, there is no separation. That’s a true unconditional spiritual love connection.

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