What really is a twin flame?

There are a lot of different philosophies given about it..but being a twin flame I will share the definition that I personally agree with.

The soul is just like a ball of energy travelling in the Spiritual dimension. Twin flames are two souls, created by splitting the same ball into two. Every soul has a balance of Feminine and Masculine energy, but twin flames are spilt with polarity, one holds dominant Feminine energy and another holds dominant Masculine energy.

Souls who vibrate on the same frequency, they can be referred to as high vibrational soulmates. That’s why everyone can have soulmates. But twin flames are like chosen ones, souls who have ascended enough to have tough soul mission like this.

Even if all souls can have Feminine and Masculine energy, twin flames have sacred energy in them, because of being ascended souls..that’s why we call them divine feminine and divine masculine energy.

Twin flames are like one soul in two bodies, both attract each other for eternity like magnets, as they are polar opposites of each other. They are same yet different from each other. They balance each other’s strength and weaknesses.

When they are together, they channel such high energies in their environment that everyone can notice the connection. And that’s how twin flames help to raise the vibration on the planet.

For Indian people, you can look at the example of Radhakrishna, shivashakti or ardhnarishwar. That’s exactly the energy that twin flames embody.

Twin flames are connected at chakra level. When they meet in 3D Kundalini activation happens. This is why I had my kundalini awakening too. It starts from their root chakra being merged and when the triggering and healing takes places, all higher chakras start getting merged one by one.

When all chakras get merged, as they surrender to unconditional love, the two parts of the soul finally merge back together in the Spiritual dimension. This merging of souls is referred as sacred union.

Once the union happens, that is their last incarnation as twin flame. But they can volunteer for a twin flame mission again and reincarnate as twin flame again. This is how I am one of few ancient Starseed twin flames.

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