Why do twin flames recieve so much hate from the judgemental society?

I call it “judgmental” society because there is another community which respects twin flames like anything. The community that includes Lightworkers/starseeds, humanities, healers, shamans, earth angels, poets and lovers.

Twin flames are a symbol of love. So everyone who isn’t vibrating on the frequency of love, hates them. That’s why toxic people hate us the most. Anyone who is disconnected from their true self, who doesn’t feel love inside, who doesn’t have self-love, who doesn’t believe in love, who hates love, who has attached negative stories to the definition of love, who is wounded inside, who lives in toxicity and disfunction, everyone who doesn’t have faith, hates us. Just like everyone who struggles with their own darkness, hates Lightworkers.

People don’t want to believe in Twin Flames. Practically it’s not possible until you are a twin flame, you can not understand the twin flame connection. It’s the fact. Only twin flames know what it means to be a half soul but whole at the same time, what it means to be a divine counterpart. What it means to embody divine feminine and divine masculine energies.

It’s only ascended souls who are eligible to incarnate as twin flames. That level of consciousness cannot be understood by everyone.. all Lightworkers and twin flames are gifted, gifts that other people cannot understand..why? To challenge the man-made systems which need to be broken down, that some higher power exists, karma exists, healing is possible.

This is the time of great awakening, and at this time twin flames are playing the most important role in assisting humanity. There has been an imbalance between the Masculine and Feminine energies on the planet for so long. That we had to incarnate, to act as an instrument of Awakening, to empower Feminine energy. The era of “the rise of feminine” has started. More and more unions will happen in upcoming time and probably twin flames will be so many in numbers that people won’t be able to question us anymore.

It’s also the fight between the light and dark.. some entities try to stop twin flame unions. Because with every single twin flame union, the frequency of the planet rises at a significant level.

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