I used to write even in my childhood

10 October 2010. I have been writing since I was in school. I used to write pages in one go, in the flow. Asking why is the world this way, why humans react so much. That time I was full of questions and curiosity, now I have answers..

When I was in class 8th, I wrote some 6 pages and showed them to my Hindi teacher. To ask her if she likes my writing.. she got triggered by my triggering questions in the article and didn’t say anything bad but asked me to focus on the syllabus, I never took feedback on my writing from any teachers afterwards.

That’s how starseed children learn to hide their gifts and mask themselves to act “normal” as they are expected to. Everyone in our environment tries to mold us into being a normal human who has a limited mind. Some starseeds are meant to live in the mask to a particular age, until they have the strength to face the world. The mask is a divine protection.

Initially, I thought it was because I had grammar mistakes and a lot of rough work, which is why she is not interested in reading it. But somehow after a few months, I understood that she got triggered by my questions.

Anyone who was thinking that I was a teacher’s favourite. I wasn’t because I used to trigger them as well. So keep your excuses about my success to yourself. I had a very few favourite teachers growing up, my favourite teachers were always fair, that’s why I liked them. No partiality.

I do give credit to my schooling and education, it helped me develop into the person that I am today. I was always changing schools because family kept moving, but my parents made sure of one thing to choose the right schools for my character development. It’s nothing like I studied in high profile schools. I have studied in both small and big schools, hindi and english medium.

Every day, I get to do what I love. I love writing and it’s a dream come true already to have the freedom to express myself. I just focus on my passion, success comes with it. It’s just an add-on.

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