Don’t compare yourself to others

Never compare yourself to anyone around. Every person is different and perfect in its own imperfections.

Don’t get caught up in the cycles of trying to win over people that you envy, just to make your self feel better again. Work on the part that you feel is lacking in you.

It’s very bad karma to try to lower someone else, who has done nothing wrong and is happy. Trying to put obstacles in someone’s happy life, shows your inner miseries. Better just work on yourself than working on winning the race.

And moreover, you can save yourself from so much pain if you just learn to not compare yourself with anyone.

Forgive yourself for the past and encourage yourself for the future.
Never lose Hope.

You don’t have to be strong to make brave choices. And trust me you will feel so much better about yourself after successfully executing your brave choices.

#perfect #neverCompare #believeInYourself #bloomlikeaflower #nojealousy #selfdevelopment #beYou #beUnique #progressnotperfection #selfimprovement #empowerment

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