Every time I post about being financially stable or financially independent. People always think that I might have recently come into some type of success. This is the lack mindset everyone projects on me. I have been financially independent for years, since 2017 to be accurate. And I have never been broke, ever.

I post it everytime when the karmic starts spreading rumours about me that I’m a golddigger, to create trust issues with my Twinflame. It’s a projection of who she is. She lies and everyone in his friend circle and family believes it, because they think not having a 9 to 5 job makes you poor. They compare that she has a job and I don’t. Well I had 5.5 years of experience as a software developer when I left IT and she was a fresher, that too in some other field not IT. My work profile and skillset still have high market value.

When I wrote that he chose money over love. His decisions were never dependent on how I am and who I am, just his wounded lens of viewing life. He chose the existing money he had in the business where they both invested together because he wasn’t ready to bear the financial loss that will come with splitting their business. It doesn’t mean that I had any less money than the karmic.

In the last timeline, he knew I’m not a golddigger, he knew I’m financially independent. But he forgot to ask me how much stability I have, because he was too busy showing off to impress me, out of his ancestral conditioning where a man has to be a provider. I don’t need a provider, I want a mutual partnership, I can take care of myself. He got karma when karmic faked being rich and invested money with him that she stole from himself. It’s their ancestral pattern that needed to be broken down. The karmic connection will continue until a choice is made between love and money, till fear wins over love.

Now about my money. I left my job only after saving enough money. My last job had 6 figure income monthly. I didn’t leave IT even if I was being bullied for two years in two different companies, one after the other. Because I wanted to save enough money for my blog. My focus was always my life purpose. I had a plan ever since I started this blog in 2016. I knew I will have to work in IT for a few more years to save enough money. And one day I realised that I can break free and spirit showed me the way that this much is enough for the blog and my survival till my blog gets established, so I finally left IT.

Those who think everything comes easy to me. No, it doesn’t. I chose to stay in a toxic environment and went through all of that drama because I was focused on my life purpose. It’s my hard work and determination. It was my bad luck when I kept getting jobs in companies that looked good on paper but the environment was highly toxic. But then I added that also to my purpose, to report the abuse so that others won’t suffer. And then I realised that if I want to fix the system, I can’t do it staying inside the system, I need to be free. Everything I have is what I earned with my sweat, blood and tears, no luck.

I write about workplace bullying because I didn’t need to get bullied for that salary, the salary was in exchange for my work, I didn’t need to bear extra burdens, my skillset was enough. And I think of how my people would be suffering like me. I want to spread awareness about workplace bullying and help people like me, this is my personal dream.

About my childhood and my family, I didn’t face poverty growing up. But my family has a lot of creative people, who stick to a service job for survival, it’s the lack mindset. They don’t even think that art can also be a source of income. I broke the ancestral pattern when I chose my passion over a so-called stable job. My family supported me while making this decision, because they knew how difficult the regular job was for me.

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