Pulling my Divine Masculine out of the dark

The dark Karmic is not just a Narcissist but Narcissist with psychopathic tendencies. The interference was to make me react, to ruin my birthday but also because I posted that DM and DF are ready. She never does something for just one motive, always planning many steps ahead. She did the same in January as well, as soon as you give her a prediction of union or Karmic connection ending, there will be a immediate ramp up in spellwork, always.

I do SRT so I had to learn about how witchcraft even works, to understand how to counter it.

Binding magick is used to create cords where you don’t have any karmic cord already. Like my Twinflame and his karmic, Karmic contract was getting over, so she used heavy spellwork to bind him. She will use manipulation, guilt and shame to create a trauma bond with spellwork in the background. Because now she has energetic allowance for spellwork because of his lack of boundaries that comes with Trauma bonding. But there’s a price for messing up with anyone’s free will. Even universe doesn’t mess with anyone’s free will, that’s why universe always asks us to decide what we want. Binding magick or Love spells, if it’s done on a person whose heart doesn’t choose you, then it will end up in toxicity, arguements and fights. You can not make someone love you by using spellwork, it will only be a toxic attachment.

This time too, all the Karmics plotted together to destroy my special day and she was the leader. She offered him alcohol when it was about to be 12 am. I didn’t find any new triggers yet, nor did my Twinflame. This was just spellwork, dark forces and Karmic people trying to pull us back into old cycles, because misery likes company.

Spellwork can not work if you don’t allow it. But only few people are strong enough to deal with it and not give any allowance. Physcial, verbal, emotional boundaries and energetic boundaries are lessons that everyone should learn.

There’s no sense of doing binding magick on your Twinflame. Because TF connections don’t have any karmic cords, it’s an eternal connection. Creating a cord is like adding negative interference to it.

Dark karmic is still happy even if she was exposed, that she was able to keep my DM away from me on my birthday. This is how we live. For two months, she kept doing endless spellwork and I had to keep walking away everyday to pull him out of the bind. In the constant walkaways, we rarely got to spend time with each other, because there was no other choice then to pull back my energy. Twinflame journey is not easy, you need keep your mind set on the goal i.e. union. After being bound for those two months that I mentioned as spiritual warfare, it took him one more month to come out of the curse energy. You should not open the door by giving allowance for the spellwork, once the door is open witches know how to maintain the control. She knows she just needs a small allowance to open the door that’s why she tries everyday to bind him with spellwork, hoping to gain control again. We still had to continue energy clearing and frequent SRT’s everyday to clear the curse energies. Earlier I used to do SRT once in 2-3 days, now its as many times as possible everyday. I don’t get easily affected by the spellwork, but if he is bound, I too feel drained. And even if I don’t feel drained, I feel tired after doing SRT so many times in a day. SRT requires energy, I can do it only a limited times a day. But the dark Karmic has a group of people to put spellwork on us.

Yesterday I retreated because we had to close the door, before working on anything else. He was having toxic thoughts because of her dark magick. We felt better by night, after doing energy clearing with meditations. I did SRT 10 times yesterday. It takes time to clear out the curse energies. If spellwork was not there, my DM would be able to walk away from the Karmic immediately after I walk away. But since she has energetic hold on him, it takes time for the tower to crumble in the karmic connection. Which is why tower moment happened in the Twinflame connection last morning, but it’s happening in the Karmic connection today. Even after he walks away from the karmic, we need time to recharge ourselves energetically. Also had to focus on his shadow work, so that he can come out of the illusions that he had because of spellwork. He was thinking that Karmic can heal, again.

He did wish me for birthday, but couldn’t wish me at 12 o’clock. Because he was bound and waiting for me to finish the cake cutting so that I can do his SRT. If he was able to communicate anything psychically, it was his toxic thoughts and that he needs helps. Karmic tries so hard to hurt me in my heart but she doens’t think of the consequences. My heart chakra is meant to spread love on this planet, but she loves playing with fire.

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